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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Time to start - first post today, Sunday afternoon

Well, after a few years of reading other people’s blogs I think it is about time I tried my hand at blogging. I will be factual in most blogs but when there is a scarcity of something interesting to write I will add in some fiction which I will clearly mark as fiction. My interests are mainly spanking and I am in a Female Led Relationship now, after passing through many different phases of spanking fun. I will explain more as I go along.
I haven’t got the hang of a good blog design as yet but I am sure that will come with practice. If I keep looking for materials and clever widgets I will never get this blog started. I will probably not add too much in the way of images as there seem to be plenty of these in other blogs. If I post an image which is copyright then I will apologise and remove it on request. So here goes ……..

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