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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Summertime returns

I was wrong about the summer ending. The sun has returned and with it some outdoor activity. Yesterday  I was in the car on a country lane and came up behind a very attractive horsewoman, with what is known as a good seat. She was wearing a fabulous pair of navy jodhpurs and I had no wish to do anything other than drive behind her for a mile or two.

 Sadly, she found a grass verge and reigned in her horse. As I passed she gave a cheery wave with her hand that was gripping the riding crop.

I drove on for an hour or so with a glorious fantasy in my head of her back in the stables and me over a bale of hay taking a sound whipping for not properly cleaning her saddle. 

Ah well, that’s how spankos see the world.

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