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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Early Days

In an earlier blog I mentioned how I got into spanking in my early teenage years. Once I had discovered that I was not the only one who thought about spanking, I started to search for reading material other than the Mayfair and Penthouse letters pages. There was not much about for spanking enthusiasts in those days. The local library proved to be short on such material. (Unsurprisingly, there was no catalogue entry of Spanking on the Dewey Classification card index).

 In desperation I started to write my own short stories which were handwritten on a couple of sheets of paper and usually had references to a girl in bra and pants bending over for a spanking. I kept them hidden and read them furtively at night, using one hand doing what teenage boys do a lot of, apart from sleeping. I vaguely recall a Masters and Johnson book on sex which I acquired at that time and inside there was an article in there about spanking which confirmed it as a mainstream activity.
My teenage attempts to give a girl a spanking were not very successful.  When I was maybe fifteen, a girlfriend was petting heavily and on top of me; I pulled up her skirt up with one hand and smacked her bottom hard with the other. This led to the petting session ending quickly because she was not best pleased. We did go out a few more times but I never tried the smack again. Quite simply I had no idea at that age how to initiate a conversation involving me saying “can I spank you?”
When I was in my last year at school I scored two major triumphs. Firstly I lost my virginity to a charming girl and we had so much fun that I nearly flunked my school tests. And secondly, I got to give a spanking and to receive one. This girl and I were lying in bed one afternoon and messing around. I gave her bottom a playful spank and she said I could do that again if I wanted. I was stunned and spanked her maybe six or eight times more. She lay perfectly still on the bed as I watched the cheeks turn a pale pink. She then said it was my turn and rolled me over on to my front. She sat on my legs and smacked away at my bare butt with both hands for what seemed to be an age but was probably no more than a few minutes. The pleasure of having a warmed up bottom was indescribable and it was enough for me to make a rather embarrassing mess on the bedsheet. What an afternoon!

I was away at college before I managed to take a girl over my knee and give her some hard satisfying spanks. I was also at college when I took my first proper spanking from an older woman. I will relate more about my college days in future blogs.

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  1. I think we can all (men) relate to this post. I would be interested in hearing some of your stories if you get time to write them. It's always nice to hear reminiscing about what got us all started.

    Good Post



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