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Saturday, 17 September 2011


The maintenance spanking on Wednesday was a satisfying event for both of us, I believe. I arrived home early, and did some housework. Some chores are quite enjoyable and some not so. I showered and set out four spanking instruments for my wife, from the chest. I had booked the bistro down the road for dinner that evening and all was set.

When my wife got home I was stood waiting in the bedroom and she bustled past me, to do what she had to do in the bathroom. I thought that all was well but then I heard her voice calling me.

Pointing at a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the bathroom, she asked me what I was playing at. I mumbled a reply that I was sorry, but I hadn’t noticed it, otherwise I would have cleared it away. My wife complained how men were useless and told me to get the bath-brush from the shower. As I handed it to her she told me to bend over and look at the piles of clothes.  She then spanked me hard about ten times, reminding me with each whack of the brush to do my jobs properly. After the last hard smack she told me to take the laundry downstairs and then get back to my corner to wait.

Nearly ten minutes passed, whilst I stood looking at the wallpaper, before she appeared and instructed me to get over the chair. When I had moved into position she demanded to know if the restaurant was booked?  My reply in the affirmative led her to comment that at least I had got one thing right.

She used three of the instruments very vigorously on my bottom, giving me around 30 strokes each with the crop, paddle and cane and then the doorbell rang. I could sense that she was in two minds whether to answer it. She threw the cane on the floor and told me to stay where I was; she would be back to finish me off.

As I rested there, bottom blazing, over the back of the chair I heard the voice of our neighbour and some laughter.  A few moments later and my wife appeared back in the room.

That was Sarah, she said, and her car won’t start. Paul is away so she wondered if you could help?  I told her you would go around in a minute.

In the next second the fourth implement, the thinner cane, swished across my bottom. Ten strokes later and she told me that the spanking was over. As I tidied up and my wife went in to the bathroom, she mentioned that I might get more strokes if I couldn’t help Sarah with the car.

When I had dressed in casuals, I went next door and did the manly thing. The car battery was flat and I said I would take it home and put it on a charge, adding that I would sort it next morning and start the car before I went to work.

Sarah smiled and told me that I was an angel, and that my wife was lucky to have such a useful husband. As I walked back to the house I rubbed my bottom and thought that I was the lucky one in our marriage.

Unfortunately my good deed did not pay off. Once I had reported back that all was well, I was told that I should fix my own supper because my wife was going to ask Sarah to go to the restaurant, as she was home-alone. My wife added that I should get on with the laundry which had been found on the bathroom floor and then do some ironing.

A Girls’ night out on a whim, I suppose, but I cannot complain.  I had had my bottom warmed nicely and I was in a great mood.

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