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Friday, 16 September 2011


Here are three people whose consistency has inspired me to start blogging.
They always have something interesting to say on spanking.  


  1. Disciplined Behavior, you might wish to add to more 'spanking blogs, for inspiring work. Bonnie of MY BOTTOM SMARTS, and CHROSS, the movie and entertainment expert.

  2. I tripped over your Blog this morning seeing it on MBS. I was surprised to see you mention OBB. Thanks! We hope you continue to enjoy it.

    PS, we don't have a Blog Roll as it seems to be the kiss of death to be on it.

  3. Six - thanks for commenting. I mentioned Bonnie in the previous blog and of course she is a light for all spankos. Chross has merits, I agree.

    OBB - thank you for passing by and commenting. OBB is a favourite. I hope you will return.


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