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Sunday, 18 September 2011


I am sure that I am not alone in thinking that pencil skirts are one of the most exciting garments that a woman can wear, for a submissive minded person at any rate. Whether it is worn with boots or stiletto shoes the female demands attention and usually gets it.

In the last week I came across attractive women wearing a pencil skirt, on two occasions.

The first was a supplier of telephone equipment who came to the office. Quite honestly she could have sold me anything.  As I sat listening to her I had a mental picture of her being on my sales team and failing to meet her monthly target. I imagined her stood at my desk and slowly raising the skirt, inch by inch over her bottom, to reveal herself for a crisp ruler spanking.

The second was an older woman, who was sat in a tall chair in the lobby of a London hotel. She had her legs crossed delicately at the ankle and a vague look of boredom on her face. On the train home I resurrected what I had seen in my mind and imagined that I was her partner who had left her waiting for too long whilst I had had a drink.  The consequences were painful.

One enjoyable aspect about being a spankophile, is that one’s mind is always kept busy.


  1. Oh Michael, you will have, of course, confessed these thoughts to your wife? But I agree with your observations - and that our minds are always open to such conclusions. The pencil skirt is indeed a wonderful fashion item - in black of course. Isn't this also a wonderful time of the year when the boots come back out of the cupboard......

  2. Hi Michael,
    Firstly congratulations on uour blog, which I've been following thanks to the link from the wonderful Dana Kane.
    All that you say about pencil skirts is absolutely right, and your comment about "one's mind is always kept busy" is spot on. As someone else said, 'they can't get you for what you're thinking'! It brightens the work day when you notice a comment or action and have a smile to yourself.
    Best wishes, Andy.

  3. Pencil skirts are very hot and my eye becomes glued there when I spot one. Add sexy boots or heels and my mind is mush the rest of the day.

    I love how they highlight femininity, hug the curves and show just enough of a (usually) stocking clad leg to get my mind and blood pressure racing. Mmm, so many thoughts; strict teacher, boss, secretary, librarian (anybody see the Canadian Pearle Vision commerical?

    They always make me think that the wearer is a firm and sophisticated woman; someone who will not tolerate any nonsense. Envisioning that soon she would have me in that wonderful upside down view of the same skirt which probably is what got me in that situation anyway, staring too long.

  4. RM - thanks for commenting no I had not mentioned these imaginings to my wife. I will make a note to do so. Yes - boots are one good thing about the upcoming winter months.

  5. 'J' is spot on! I can't look at a woman in a pencil skirt without my jaw hanging open, wondering how it would be dangling helplessly across the tightly stretched fabric of her lap.

  6. Pencil skirts are forever! J. -my (future) wife- wore one when we were in college, and it was so tight that I couldn't resist the urge to bend her over a desk in an empty seminar room, and to spank her saucy bottom! One of her (girl) friends walked in on the scene and broke out laughing. J. was annoyed and demanded 'equal time' -and, ever since, ours has been a 'two way' arrangement, but one in which I have been spanked far more often than she has --and with her wearing any of the number of skirts that have been in fashion over the years!

  7. A pencil skirt and a fitted blouse with high heeled court shoes is one of my favourite modes of dress, especially if my bitch-boy is naked.

  8. Perhaps in the second instance you ran across Maria of "Maria's Diary" fame.
    Viktor Strelnikov


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