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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mood conversion

I was in a bit of a mood yesterday. The weekend had been full of family commitments which I hate and I was worrying about some bills and also some lack of action on a work topic of mine. This bad attitude showed through today, notably in my response to my wife regarding a couple of tasks she had asked me to do. After speaking to her on the phone to apologise for forgetting them, she then sent me a simple text –
Study - 25 x C.

The message was clear enough.

As I had anticipated I was home first and so made the preparations for our meal and went upstairs to shower. I dressed in a T shirt and a thong brief. When I heard my wife come in I picked up the cane and went downstairs. She was in the study,sitting at the PC  checking e-mails, so I waited in silence behind her. After ten minutes or more of work, she stood up and took the cane from me  pointing to the desk chair and telling me that I knew what I had done wrong, so this would just be a speedy reminder that she would not tolerate grumpy behaviour and forgetfulness.
I went over the chair back and stretched my legs out. She tapped my bare cheeks with the tip of the cane as she lectured me about doing what I was told, when I was told to it. Then the cane cracked across my bottom and, with roughly ten second pauses, she delivered twenty four further crisp, sharp and professional strokes. I took each of them in silence and when she told me to stand I turned and thanked her for her reminder.
 As I went upstairs I could feel the weight of my worries lifted and my head was clear once again. I admired her handiwork in the mirror. There were some very red weals where the cane had crossed  a previous stroke and which would stay there for a couple of days. As I put the cane away and got dressed I made a mental note to be careful exposing my bottom in the changing room of the gym I use.
The rest of the evening passed in a jolly convivial manner and we were back in harmony.


  1. Hello and my very good wishes!

    I have just come across your new blog via the amazing Dana Kane blog and I would like to say a huge thank you for starting it. I have read some of your stories on the blog mentioned and I look forward to being a regular visitor here as well.

    Thanks again and very good luck!

  2. HH - thanks for your comments and good wishes.


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