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Monday, 23 May 2016

Tasty weekend

Sun then rain. A bit like my own weekend. Friday night began with a bath-brush spanking after my shower. It wasn't delivered in a harsh manner and I enjoyed the smarting sting of maybe a dozen strokes. 

Kristel_Monarch_Sleeves_front_1That was to encourage you to get started on the shelf unit in the guest room, I was told by my Mistress and wife.

I was sent to the corner of the bedroom whilst my wife continued dressing. She said I could peep over my shoulders if I wanted extra cane strokes at a later session, so I did just that, two or three times. I also fondled my cock which got me additional strokes. I was up to 7 before I was allowed to come out of the corner and dress myself.

I asked if I could start the shelf job on  Sunday as it was going to be warm on Saturday, too hot for manual labour in a bedroom with smallish windows. So long as it is finished by the weekend I don't care when you do it, my wife said in a stern tone of voice.

When we were both ready to go out to a supper party at a friends my wife called me over to kneel on the ground. She wanted me to kiss her shoes to show that I would be subservient that evening and not get into any arguments.

I pushed at the boundary a couple of times over dinner, by making an inflammatory statement about politics. I got the "don't go there look." I think my wife knew what I was doing.

So Saturday we did some fun things and went out and about in the sun. We drove the car  for an hour or so and had a beach walk and fish and chips. After we got back I was sent straight upstairs and told to fetch the long paddle and the cane. I asked if I could wear panties and she agreed..
Yes, you should look worried. I have a great deal of practice with this paddle, Now try to take it well and count. Up to fifty.

It must have been the fresh air of the walk that made us both so excited. I was paddled harshly but I lapped it up. 

My wife told me I could take the cane  stretched out over a pillow on  the bed. She thrashed me slowly 36 times teasing me between strokes with the tip of the cane. Then she had me roll over and gave me the 7 punishment strokes, for peeping, across the front of my thighs. To finish the caning she awarded me 5 across my penis for being cheeky at the supper on Friday. I had to hold the head  of my  prick with my fingertips and keep it in place for 5 quick cuts of the cane.

We spent a long time on the bed after that, kissing and fondling. I tried to fuck her doggy style but my prick would not hold up. She let me wank by standing beside the bed with her hand spanking my bottom and telling me I was very naughty. When I came into my cupped left hand she made he swallow it and lick my hand dry.

After that it was all about her and she fell asleep in an afternoon doze.

I did finish putting the shelf up on Sunday and got myself a spanking with the wooden spoon as a thank you, whilst I was cooking dinner.


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend for you.



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