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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

One piece swimsuit


No sooner had the fashionistas declared that thong underwear is passe, but now I read in the Sunday's that the bikini should go the same way and that one piece swimsuits are the order of the day for summer.

Well,  I guess there are many styles of one piece, so maybe the beach will still be fun,                     
I have never had the opportunity to spank a girl whilst she was in a swimsuit, but  I can recall a spanking of my own on a wet pair of trunks. My wife and I  were at a hotel in Portugal, on a six day trip in the sun. We were back in the bedroom after some time by the pool. The children were at a hotel day camp so we had time to ourselves. We had just got into the room and my trunks were still damp from the last swim. My wife turned round from the dressing table with a leather sandal in her hand and said she was fed up of me oogling the other woman around the pool. She bent me over the bed and spanked me hard before yanking down the trunks and spanking some more.

When she was done telling me off she turned me round and pulled me towrad sher. We were both hot and horny. Putting one foot on the edge of teh bed she pulled her bikini gusset to one side and I pushed myself in. He cunt had that lovely cool chill to it after the dip she had had in the pool but I could tell she was dry so I pulled out, licked my fingers and twiddled around a bit to get her lubricated. Then it was back inside for what turned out to be a very quick ending.

Later in the week when the children were asleep next door we had sex doggy style and she invited me to spank her bottom a few times. I swatted away over-arm fashion, left hand on right cheek and right hand on left cheek.

Happy days. She still has those sandals as they only get an outing a few times a year.

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