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Monday, 30 May 2016

Sunday Spanklet - FM house visit

Tony lay over the bench strapped down over the waist and feet and hands bound at the base.

This was a customary position for every second Wednesday of the month.

He had just had long spanking with a hairbrush whilst bent over Mistress Kate's lap . The spanking was timed by a clock on the wall. Five minutes may not sound a long time, but when someone is spanking rapidly they can deliver well over two or even three hundred smacks.  Tony lost count after a minute or so - he was too busy trying to breathe and not cry. Mistress Kate did not like cry babies.

After the spanking he was tied to the cross with his back to the wall and she whipped him soundly with the flogger. 
“ Assigned caning for misconduct. I want to see how well you can misbehave.
“Don’t worry about the rules, I’ll cane you anyway”
His erection grew as Mistress Kate slowly removed her skirt and blouse in front of him. She read from the list of naughty things he had done and informed of his punishment strokes.

 Releasing him from the cross  Tony was made to crawl to the bench on which he was now strapped down. 

As the cane flew through the air he winced with anticipation, but it stopped short of his bare cheeks.

"Some friends and I are taking a house near the beach for a week's holiday next month."

In the wall mirror opposite, Tony watched as Mistress Kate lifted the cane high in the air behind him.

"We need a volunteer to attend to our needs, keep the house tidy, run errands, do the cooking."

The cane flew down but again stopped short of its target.

" I wondered if you might be free?"

"Yes Mistress. Of course, Mistress. It would be an honour.."
This is just a test we give to all the stable lads. 24 strokes from each of us. If you pass you get to choose who beats you in future.
"I thought so. That's what I said to the girls."

A second later, the first of  fifty strokes lashed into his bottom. The pain was intense but his mind was elsewhere.

Let’s go up to the senior boys dorm and see how many we can make cry.


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