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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Le weekend

The long weekend and public holiday is over. We were busy with family and collapsed exhausted at about 4pm on Monday afternoon, when everyone had left. 

We are due to attend a wedding next Saturday so, after a bit of a sit-down, we rallied and went upstairs to sort out what clothes we are taking for the celebration and the stay over.

In the bedroom my wife complained that her knicker drawer had not been kept tidy in recent weeks and that her pants and bra were all higgledy-piggledy. She told me to get things straight whilst she considered her wardrobe for the weekend away.

When I was done my wife sent me away to make supper. She was going to get rid of a few clothes for charity and would then bathe

sir will be home any second now …..

After an hour or so I was called upstairs and was amazed to see her standing in just a bra and stockings. 

She asked if I thought it was appropriate attire for a wedding? I joked that she might need to put on a dress.

I admired her shaved pussy and she said it was freshly done so I should kiss it.

I knelt down and paid lip service. It smelt fresh and smooth with creme recently applied.

Do you want to be whipped?

I mumbled a response in the affirmative.

Well that's too bad. I'm hungry so you'll just have to wait for the weekend. And another thing, no wanking before then.I won't forget that my lingerie was in a mess so you can expect extra strokes. Remember to pack the nylon cane. I want it to sting.

I would not forget.

Over supper she sought my opinion on what we should get as a present for the happy couple? I suggested a hairbrush and a copy of The Mistress Manual. (Ours is still in a drawer at our bedside and my wife occasionally peruses it).

She laughed and said that was unlikely but interesting. She was thinking more of a salad bowl. I said we could do both and leave the spanking stuff anonymously on the table at the reception. S would give it some thought.

Upstairs in bed later on my wife took hold of my cock and told me a story about a bride who received a hairbrush as a wedding present. It didn't take long before I was ready to come and then the rubbing stopped abruptly. 

My wife had remembered her no wanking instruction and she said that included her hand as well as my own.

Hey ho.


  1. It may not be the bride or groom but someone at the wedding will have a good spanking and I'm sure some edging to go with it. Lip service for her? always.

    1. Hi Archedone. You are right, I hope.

  2. My mother-in-law gave her daughter a bath brush as one of her shower gifts. I did not think nothing of it until a month after our wedding I standing before her pleading, how late were you out she said sternly and I finally told her. Told to undress, only have pajamas on I did and soon learned the purpose of the bath brush, it got my attention quickly, dancing, rubbing, crying afterwards until told to face the wall. To this day when I see it out I do as told and know sitting is not going to be easy.

  3. Like your suggestion for a wedding present.



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