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Sunday, 12 July 2015

What might happen next?

The "not having left the keys business" has been hanging over the weekend like a wet blanket. When my wife is away from home I usually get some chatty texts about what she is doing and I respond in a similar vein. Since Friday all I have had is two messages that were of " check in" nature. 

I had been looking forward to a spell on my own, particularly with the tennis finals on offer. I thought I would write a couple of stories for the blog bank, do my household jobs, drink a few beers and enjoy the flicker of tennis knickers in the ladies' singles and doubles. 

Instead I have focussed all my efforts on the garden and the house chores and tried to put to the back of my mind how angry S will be when she returns late on Sunday evening. She and her friends are at their annual spa weekend and she confirmed in advance with the hotel that they could check out late after watching the men's finals in one of their rooms.

Maybe watching some tennis hunks and having a giggle with the girls will leave her in a good mood.

I have been extra diligent in the garden and it looks great, if I say so myself. All the plants are blooming, the grass is cut, the edges are straight and everything is well watered.

In the house the laundry was done yesterday so the ironing has to be dome today. I hand washed her lingerie and put it in the drier so that I could fold it today and tidy up her knicker drawer. I am also going to deep clean the guest room and the bathrooms and then go and buy some flowers.

Whilst I work, I am imagining what my wife's temper might be when she gets home. We have only recently got back to a good sex life and an effective and pleasurable (for me) FLR. My worry is that she might take all that away for a while. That would be a punishment indeed. 

I am getting accustomed to having regular bottom warming and doing what I am told around the house. Since she is all too aware of my need to be the submissive in our relationship, she might just decide that my punishment is a withdrawal from this way of life.

Anyway, no good dwelling on the matter. It is 8 am and I have things to do.
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  1. You can wonder but it will do no good. Do what you need to do while she is gone and when she returns you will find out your punishment. If she is indeed dominate you will be spanked and maybe several times for what you did. Good luck

  2. I would have been enraged at the time but much less after cooling down. You should be punished for your irresponsibility but you were not deliberately disobedient which would earn you a very severe punishment from me. For what you did a moderate spanking or even just a good scolding perhaps with corner time would have been my response. Perhaps that is what she will do. Meanwhile put it out of mind because there is nothing you can do until she decides


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