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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Chilly waters

I heard the car draw up at around 10 pm on Sunday night. There was just the one friend with my wife and due to be picked up by her husband very soon. The others had been dropped  off on the way.

As I opened the door to greet them both, the other husband drove up and in less than a few minutes the friend had gone.

I picked up my wife's bag and followed her inside.

I enquired if she had had a nice time and she said yes, but she was tired from the trip and was going to bed. The big freeze had begun it seemed. I watched her going upstairs and said I was sorry about the car keys and couldn't we just chat for a while?

Maybe in bed, she replied, deal with my clothes and washing first.

I took the bag to the laundry room and sorted out her things into a pile for the laundry, a pile of knickers and bras for hand washing and the still clean stuff to go upstairs. I was surprised to see that she had packed her vibrator as I had thought they were sharing bedrooms. I left  that thought in my head for later.

By the time I brought up her bag and a cup of tea, S was towelling herself dry from the shower. 

Take off those shorts and your pants and kneel down and kiss my feet and tell me how sorry you are for making us late on Friday.

I went back into the bedroom and stripped naked. Back in the bathroom I dropped on to the hard bathroom tiled floor and watched her naked body whilst she was rubbing her hair dry. Her creamy pink skin seemed to be glowing from the effects of the spa treatments. I looked up to admire the freshly trimmed V in her thighs and wondered if she had done that herself or had had help from a beautician.

I am deeply sorry for not leaving the car keys, Mistress and for making you late.

And why couldn't I reach you on the mobile?

Because I was having a drink in a bar Mistress.

And should you be drinking on a weekday?

No Mistress.

So what should happen to you?

I need to be punished severely, Mistress.

I agree but that will not happen tonight. It may not happen for a while in fact. You will just have to wait until I am ready.Now get your head on the floor and open your legs and stick your bottom in the air.

I did as I was told and stared at the floor my arms and elbows resting on the tiles and forehead down . Behind me there was a clinkety- clunk of something hitting the wall tiles in the shower. I was not sure what it was and what was going to happen but I soon found out.

With a mind blowing streak of pain in my groin I realised that S  had swung the end of her bath-brush between my legs and onto my balls. I tried to control myself but when she hit me again I struggled not to yell with pain. I knew I deserved this agony but it was tough not to cry.

The brush landed once more and that horrible muscle shrinking pain of bust balls engulfed my groin.

That was just a quickie, she said. Now get my pyjamas and get yourself ready for bed.. I will talk to you tomorrow. I see that you have been busy in the house so |I will inspect your work in detail. You had better  hope that I like what I see.

I fell asleep, comforting myself with a hand around my crotch and the thought of S in a hotel bed with a girlfriend and her vibrator.


  1. You did make a big mistake with the keys and now that S is home again you will pay the price as she will deal with you quite severe. I would also wonder why she had her vibrator with her. Also wonder if others brought theirs too. Could it be they played with them together?

    1. Hi Archedone
      Thanks for stopping by. I can only wonder about the vibrator as it is not my place to ask.


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