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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Diary doodles

Monday morning breakfast was quite a cheerful affair and we both left the house for work. At home during dinner my wife chatted about her weekend away and although she must have left things out, I got quite an insight into her friends and  their relationships. When I casually mentioned the vibrator she had taken, S told me to stop fantasizing. There had been no female orgy she said.

 She had used it just the  once, on her own, when she had come upstairs in the late afternoon from the spa area and the other girls were either in a treatment room or in the pool. She had just had a very pleasant massage and decided to treat herself to a few leisurely orgasms. I asked her what she had thought about whilst she was on the bed and she told me to mind my own business.

In bed that night S asked for the vibrator to be fetched from the toy bag and under cover of the sheets she played happily, with her own thoughts. I was not invited to participate so I just lay there with my hand on my stiff cock but not moving. Afterwards as she rolled away to sleep she handed me back the vibrator and reminded me that she had not forgotten the business with the keys. I got out of bed, with a tent pole in my shorts and went off to soap the gel rabbit and put it back in the toy bag in the drawer. I got back into bed and fell asleep day fantasizing about being whipped in front of her friends at the Spa.

On Tuesday I worked from home and received a text at lunchtime. Wednesday. Take me to the pub to eat. 100+ DS on return. xxx

So that was decided then. I was to get 100 strokes of something in the manner of her choosing.

I have spent the rest of Tuesday and all of today with mixed feelings of dread and excitement.

More later.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your meal out and didn't have a too sore bottom.


    1. I was a little bit edgy at the meal but got my just desserts later.


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