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Friday, 17 July 2015

Wondering about who reads this blog

I was looking at my blogger stats the other day, wondering if my page views are growing and which sites are referring me.

I was surprised to see Spanking as Therapy still up there as one of the top search phrases attracting visitors. Reducing tension and stress through a spanking seems to be on a few people's minds. If I lived in Washington USA I might be tempted to visit Spankingforwellness

Studying the country location of my readers I saw that somebody (or bodies) from New Zealand are regular daily visitors.

If you read this post and come from NZ, maybe you could make a comment and say Hello. It would be good to have a spanking tale from so far away.

archer3.jpg (412×400)NZ archery looks like fun.

I have heard that New Zealand people are  more "English than the English" so I wondered if the English Vice is prevalent down there.

A bit of web surfing tells me that adult spanking is definitely a pastime on those South and North Island. There are Mistresses aplenty and an intriguing site called Spanking NZ - Spank your way around New Zealand. 

Further investigation brought up some  spanking accommodation and general playfulness at The Tawse Manor. This looks like a fun and friendly  place to stay on a NZ holiday trip. 

I found one blogger who is keen to say she is from NZ and writes aboout  Spanking  Saturday Spankings.

There was quite a lot about spanking in educational establishments or the home  (regrets about it being banned or supportive of its demise. So far as NZ stories about spanking I came across this one which might appeal to MM spankos but probably best not to link to it.

A spanking artist from NZ found on Spankingart  is Funbun on disciplinedomestique 

Anyway it was kind of interesting researching the place and I hope you enjoy the links.

1 comment:

  1. Hello! I'm from NZ :) Thanks for linking to my blog - that's how I found you!
    You've actually taught me something - I had no idea spanking was such a big thing over here - it must be pretty hidden because it's not something I've come across.
    Great blog :)


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