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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Maintenance becomes punishment

Last evening's maintenance spanking has been postponed and switched into a punishment session I believe. I have messed up big time and I knew it the minute I turned onto the drive at home on Friday evening.

I was supposed to have come back at lunchtime and left our car and keys for my wife and then gone back to my shared consultancy  office on foot and bus. 

This was to allow my wife and 3 girlfriends the opportunity to pack the car and get on the road to their weekend away by 5 p.m., just a bit in advance of the usual Friday traffic. This I had done, but where were the car keys? 

You guessed correctly - in my trouser pocket and not on the hall table. And where had I been for the last hour whilst S was trying to phone my mobile? In  a cellar wine bar with no 3G signal. Why was I drinking on the way home from work? Because I thought my wife would have left and I had the whole evening stretched out in front of me, home alone.

first-noble-truth.jpg (410×293)I fact I was far from alone. Four evidently cross ladies were pacing up and down my house at 6.30 pm, cursing yours truly. My wife said nothing as she hurried her friends and their bags into the car, apologising to them all the while for my stupidity. They set off in a squeal of tyres.

Inside, I found the note my wife had written before she had  started looking for the keys. I was nice and cheerful and just mentioned the chores I had to do and how I could enjoy the tennis if I wanted. There was a cryptic comment about Friday's exercise being moved to Sunday. This would have been the maintenance spanking session which her absence that night would have  delayed.

I started the chores with a heavy heart. At about 8 p.m. I received a text message

" Stuck on motorway," it read, "You are in such trouble."

It is going to be a long weekend.


  1. Oh dear. Someone is going to have a very sore bottom on Sunday.


    1. Hi Ronnie. I haven't done anything this dumb in a while. Guess it will be frosty on her return before things warm up. Thanks.

  2. Well, pal, you are in for a quite the spanking when she gets home and maybe her three friends will take part too. But in any event, you may not be able to sit comfortably for a while. Better do as many honey-does as possible, not that doing them will lessen your spanking.

    1. Hello Baxter. It is not going to make much difference but yes I am doing the chores exceptionally well.Thanks

  3. Oh boy ............ It is going to be a long weekend my friend. Hang in there, Take your medicine and soon it will be all over.

    1. Hello Sub Hub - I will try repeating that word of yours whilst I receive what is due. Thanks


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