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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday chores

I was late home last night and had forgotten we were due to go out. Result  and award of 20 strokes with the cane, to be delivered on Sunday and a full clean of the main bedroom to be done today.

This involves moving the furniture to clean and a full stripping and hoovering of the bed. I am half way through this task and have broken off for a coffee. 

My wife S is out at the shops and it is warm weather  so I  am wearing only a pair of her knickers. I was not told that I should wear these black panties and I  am I half- hoping I will be found out.

The dinner out with friends last night was quite good and I behaved myself impeccably so I may get a few maintenance swats with the nice paddle.

Must return to my duties now. Enjoy the weekend.

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