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Sunday, 28 June 2015


There is something intriguing about TTWD. Here I am early on a Sunday morning, blogging whilst my wife sleeps, knowing that later today I will be caned. Why should I be excited by the prospect of having my bare bottom laced with a long length of supple rattan cane? Why am I also nervous about the prospect? Why have I got an erection just thinking about having my pants pulled down and being told to bend over? Who knows.


  1. it is a odd behavior that your mind 'sees' both sides of a spanking. One part wants it and the horny feeling produces an erection. The other part knows there will be pain. the first part wins out until you are being punished and you wonder why you want this pain. and when the spanking is done, the afterglow and residual pain and red bottom remind you that you wanted this and you bask in the enjoyment. I bet it would stymie phsychologists to figure it all out. but we spankos just know that is the way we are wired. Hope your caning today is enjoyable and you want more.

    1. Hi again Baxter
      The caning was delicious.
      Yes I agree with all you said about anticipation.

  2. Look up "algolagnia".
    My wife gives me just-for-the-heck-of-it beatings, by paddle, strap, cane or hairbrush, frequently.
    Because...she enjoys giving the beatings to someone, like me, who enjoys receiving them.
    Trust me, I do NOT enjoy the beatings while in progress, Many times, I've almost safeworded to stop them (but, as yet, I have not).
    I love the feeling beforehand, of anticipation, and get aroused thinking about it, which goes away once the feeling commences, and the arousal returns once it is over, amidst the afterglow.

    1. Thanks for the word. I was not familiar with it so it is good to learn. Appreciate you stopping by.

  3. Always a pleasure. I have you on my 'follow' list. I do like to hear from or read about other husbands (boyfriends) who get spanked by their SOs and enjoy it, so to speak, as much as I do.

  4. We have just begun to dabble in spanking. Mostly erotic spankings during foreplay where we switch but recently I had been rather obsessed with the subject and as a solution I suggested my wife give me a punishment type spanking that was hard enough that I would not be so eager to bring up the subject for a while.

    So last night she took me to the bedroom and we discussed the paddling. It was to be harder than I wanted and up to her how long it would it last. Then she proceeded to give me a hard paddling with very little warming up. I was not counting the licks but estimate it was about 40 with a medium sized cherry paddle that I had made as a joke some years back. I wasn't sure that she was going to be able to deliver a true spanking but wow did she ever. The last 5 swats really sizzled and had me crying out and wiggling uncontrollably.

    The only time I wasn't turned on was during the most painful swats but as soon as they were over I was just as excited as before.

    Where this will all lead is a mystery at this point but we're just going to see where it goes and let things happen on their own from here on out. I am just happy that spanking is finally out in the open and an option at our house.


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