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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Shopping return

I took the skirt back to the department store this morning. 

"And don't go buying any underwear !" my wife said as I left the house early. "I have plenty."

At the Returns counter I queued with a line of women and eventually got to the counter.
The assistant helpfully told me that I could only get a credit note on the item as the 28 days had passed.

I thanked her for this helpful information and said I already knew that, but did not mention that so did my bottom.  I had the welts to show that I was now fully conversant with their Returns policy.

I took the credit note and walked through  the lingerie and sleepwear part of the  store on my way out of the store. 

I noticed some tartan pyjamas on a mannequin and recalled the difficulties which a certain member of the UK political establishment had gotten himself into by sharing a picture of his member sticking out of a pair of tartan pyjamas. Oh how we laughed.

Personally I think tartan pj's look best on a woman. I made a mental note to buy some  for my wife for Christmas, which regrettably does not seem all that far away now. 

I thought about using the credit note in my hand to buy them there and then but realised this would not be a smart idea since it was not my money after all. 

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