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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

October weekend

Last weekend was one of mixed weather, a dreadful night out at the theatre and some mild discipline to remind me how to conduct myself..

I placed the remaining bulbs in the garden and re-potted some dying shrubs, so that was all positive and earned me some points. I then turned my attention to jobs inside the house.

On the way upstairs I dropped the contents of a paint pot sample on the kitchen floor. Fortunately it contained water soluble wall paint, but even so it took a lot of mopping and scrubbing out of the hardwood floor, so that as all negative comment from my wife.

 I went off to the shop to get another sample pot. In the end my wife decided she did not like the colour. Hey ho.

That evening we saw a play at the local theatre which generally has some good stuff on, but this particular drama was appalling with  bad acting, bad lighting and inaudible voices. I grumbled halfway through the first act and my wife told me to stop it. At the intermission I suggested we leave but the friends we were with wanted to stay. When they had gone off to the bar my wife turned on me and told me to behave. She herself thought it was rubbish but we had to stay. 

"I'll deal with you later, she said, in a lighthearted but stern sort of way, "so you had better stop carrying on like this."

So I kept quiet and we went off for supper after the show. When we reached our car my wife told me to open the door for her. As I turned to let her in she swung an open palm hard up and under my crotch. I yelped as the pain flooded my testicles and shot up into my head.

"When we get to the restaurant I want you to say how much you enjoyed the show and be good company. Understood ?" 

She smacked me again, hard, between my legs.

"Yes ma'am." I muttered between gritted teeth.

The late supper was a better success and we drove home in a good mood.

Once upstairs I was expecting something to happen but my wife got into bed without any indication that I should expect either sex or a spanking. 

We both went to sleep and the next day she went off shopping with a friend whilst I did paperwork. When she returned she showed me her purchases and then retired to the bathroom for an hour long soak.

I was downstairs preparing a supper when she called down to me from the landing. As I climbed the stairs I could see she was in her robe and holding the long cane in her hand. I felt that drop in my stomach as the sense of dread and anticipation flooded through me.

"Go and shower and then you can meet my cane and learn a lesson in good behaviour."

She had me touch my toes, legs together, and gave me twelve no-nonsense strokes with the cane on my bare bottom. Between strokes she made me apologise for being silly at the theatre.

I felt quite sorry for myself as she landed the final stroke with a flourish that caught my right flank  when the end of the cane whipped around my bottom.

"Stay bent over. "

She came around in front of me and tapped my calves with the end of teh cane. I thought I Knew what was coming.

"Stand up."

"Now cover your balls and spread your feet apart."

She caned me three times across the top of each thigh and I jumped in agony.

"Get on the bed."

I pulled back teh cover and enjoyed the sensation of cool sheets on my hot bottom.

My wife climbed on top of my face and ground her pussy on my lips and nose. Whilst I licked with a passion she slapped my balls to and fro and dug her finger nails into my scrotum. As she started to come she rolled off to one side and pulled my head down into position between her legs.

"Don't you dare stop until I say so."

 She rolled and rocked her hips, clamping and unclamping her thighs around my head and I licked every part of her from her ring to her clitoris.

After maybe 4 orgasms she told me to wank whilst I knelt there. Unfortunately I couldn't rise to the occasion so she tried to encourage me with a quick story and spanks on my bottom. That still didn't work so she gave up and told me to take a pill next time she spanked me.

As she fell asleep I started  to harden thinking about what had just taken place but it was too late to come now, the moment had passed and i thought she might waken if I jerked off.


  1. I don't desire what you want and have, but you always make it interesting to read.

    1. That's good to know. Each to his own.

  2. Maybe you could rise to the occasion f she didn't keep whacking your balls ...

    1. You may have a point.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. God, that was hot. Man, you have got a great wife there. I enjoy reading your stories. Very good.



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