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Monday, 23 February 2015

Return of the cane

For lots of reasons, which I don’t intend to bore you with, we have not had a spanking or indeed asexual relationship for quite a few months, so there has not been much incentive to blog. Gradually though things are getting straight.

To go back a while and after a sexual drought, I experimented with a quick session of cunnilingus on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year night, once my wife had had a drink or two. That went down well and she was tipsy enough to allow a bit of face sitting. In fact she encouraged it by lying on her side and allowing me to place my face in her bottom and to bury my tongue deep inside her.  I finished off with some conventional clit tongue action by turning her over. She came twice and fell asleep in a trice.

The next morning it was smiles all round and the Christmas holiday season ended on a high with three sexual encounters instead of the more usual zero. I placed 4 notch marks on a Post it note which I fastened to the headboard. She laughed when I explained what they were and whilst she would not allow it to stay there, she did suggest that I might fasten it inside the wardrobe door. She said I could add another Post it to signify punishments merited as and when they are administered in 2015, using a small drawing of a cane. It might be fun to add up the sex ticks and cane marks at the end of the year if I could remember to do the job properly. I told her that I had thought of counting her cunnilingus orgasms, but that we would run out of space. Once she gets going my wife can reach multiples without any effort, except on my part.

In the week after New Year I was taken by surprise when I got home from a contract job. We were headed out to a drinks party and my wife called me upstairs. She was in her robe with her face pack on and the leather spanking strap and the long cane were laying on the bed..

Smiling at me she said that she had ten minutes to wait whilst the face pack did its work and she would use the time to remind me to be on my best behaviour that night.  I was sent off to shower and come back naked. My erection wasn’t one of my strongest when I walked back into the room but at least it was trying. She was seated on the dressing table stool and wagged her finger for me to come over to stand in front of her. With her right hand she grasped my cock and said it didn’t look very pleased to see her. I said it was, but my small friend  was tired and in its “late fifties”. If it was a car, it would have been scrapped long ago.

Bending forward she pulled me towards her and took my flimsy tool into her mouth and began scratching at my balls with her finger tips. I stood there with a silly grin on my face looking down and stroking the top of her head which had a hair band on to keep it away from her creamed face. She took a full amount of cock and swivelled her tongue on the glands inside her soft mouth until I got a decent erection..

When she lifted her head she invited me over her lap for what she called a nice spanking, before the more serious.stuff. I went between her legs so she could grip me with one leg over mine and I rested my weight on my hands on the floor. She spanked away for many minutes and I was groaning with the pleasure of her hot hand smacking my butt.

I was a deep shade of pink when she got me to stand at the end of the bed, bend over with my legs together and then started to strap me hard. My wife knows that I like the leather strap but she finds it hard to control unless I am lying prostrate on the bed and she can swish it down overarm.. I wasn’t really suffering with this spanking so she stopped and reached for the cane.

Standing well back to one side I could see her raise the rod high and then heard the whistling stroke before it landed. That was strikingly sore  and I enjoyed absorbing the pain whilst maintaining my position. I pushed down with my arms and hands on the bed and went up on to my toes, forcing my bottom higher and inviting some extra hard strokes. She did not disappoint and the caning was on the severe side of strong. I was breathing hard when it stopped.

So you can get dressed now and be well behaved tonight, were her last words on the subject. On my own, putting the instruments back in the blanked box I stole into the guest bedroom and admired the marks on my bottom in the long wardrobe mirror. I remember that I was very attentive to her that night.

Not much has gone on since then, until the weekend before last. We were at a dinner party, an infrequent happening these days as people don’t want to spend the time cooking, and the conversation inevitably went to “that Shades of film”, which was opening in the UK that very night.

My wife gave me the hard stare that said, don’t join in. so I listened to the others talking about S & M. I would quite happily have gone over the lap of a particular one of the guests, aged 30+ and in a short dress, but I could hardly say this.

 I tried to work out which of the people around the table might be into spanking, just as they were probably doing the same. My wife surprised all of us by commenting that she thought everything should be tried once in the bedroom. The room fell silent, they were obviously waiting for more but she just smiled and turned the conversation on to some political topic.

When the course was eaten and the women went off carrying dishes into the kitchen, I figured she might be quizzed some more by the others, but I never heard anything about that of course. Girl talk remains girl talk, so far as my wife is concerned.

Back home she went upstairs whilst I closed the house up and took a last glass of wine. She came back with the riding crop in her hand.

“You were such a good boy tonight, not a fault or an argumentative comment,” she said. “So a good boy deserves a treat. Strip to your pants and get over the table. Right over.”

I hurried to comply and dropped my clothes hastily on a chair. She stroked my legs and bottom leisurely with the tab of the crop and then started the spanking. I say spanking because it was not a whipping, just a very erotic taster session which had me humping and pushing my bottom out for more. She teased me about telling her friends that I loved her whip, which I was sure that she had not done.

When I was glowing and still aching for more my wife stopped and took me to the sofa in the sitting room. Making me kneel in front she lifted off her dress  to reveal a bra and naked waist and stockings. Wow indeed. She pulled me into her neatly trimmed vulva.

“I was commando all evening and you never even noticed did you?” She put one foot on the sofa to widen the gap in her thighs and I went to work with enthusiasm. She casually whipped my back to generate some more vigorous action on my part. Whilst the position had loads of eroticism she never really gets off in the vertical so she pushed me away and dropped down to the carpet to join me. I lay on top and started again and within only a few seconds she gurgled with pleasure and came. I stayed on the job and tickled her lips with my tongue until the buzz came back and she tensed up her thighs and came. I repeated this action six or seven times more until she pushed me away, saying enough.

I helped her up on to her feet and onto the sofa, covering her with a throw. She started to recount a story about a young tennis girl in white crisp knickers, being caned by her coach and told me to wank in front of her.

When I had come into the palm of one hand and she told me to clean myself with kitchen tissue I got her a camomile tea and  we started to watch an old film on the TV, but she soon fell asleep, so I went and got a duvet to place on her and a pillow for head. I left her there to sleep and because I was suddenly wide awake, I did some web browsing of spanking sites and started to write this blog..

My wife was still on the sofa, all curled up the next morning. With a fresh cup of tea in her hand she asked if I had had a nice evening?

I said “It was delightful thank you.”

“We didn’t get round to caning you though?”  I agreed.

 “So get the cane and I will thrash you before I have a shower. I am sure you deserve it for taking advantage of me last night.”

I did as I was told, of course, and spent the whole of Sunday ( or should that be subday) doing chores with a very hot bottom.

We may be back in the groove. Who knows? I will keep you informed.


  1. It always feels so good to find your 'groove' once again.....
    hugs abby

    1. Hi Abby
      It is a relief to get a red bottom once again. Soothes the nerves.

  2. Hey Hey... love your blog.
    Visit me*

    1. Hello Lolytta
      Thanks for stopping by. Will find you now.

  3. Sounds excellent. I am also in my late fifties and so is my wife. She is getting more and more into the spanking of me using a thick paddle and a riding crop and a few other things. The pain is enjoyable and so are the after affects.

    1. Hello Baxter
      Great to hear from you once again.hope all goes spankingly well.
      Nice to be a naughty boy in your fifties.

  4. I just found your blog and very much enjoyed your post. It's not fun when life gets in the way and pleasure is cast aside. Glad to hear you and your wife seem to be back on track.

    1. Hello SGT. Great to welcome you. I hope you enjoy going back over my blog.

  5. Great that you are back on track.


    1. Thanks Ronnie. No sooner back than I get vibes that I shoudl be switching blog provider. Work, work, work.


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