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Wednesday, 1 October 2014


I was in a spot of bother yesterday. My wife discovered that I had not returned an item of clothing to a department store as she had requested. She discovered it in a bag in the boot of our car. As a consequence she can no longer receive cash for the return, because we are over 28 days, and has to accept a credit note. The finance side is not so much the problem, as the fact that I did not do as she asked.

Retribution was fairly swift. She called me into the bedroom, told me to drop my trousers and then she vigorously yanked down my pants. Using the bath-brush she delivered thirty hard swats to my rear and made each one count with its severity of swing. I was begging her to stop after about fifteen or so and was howling audibly at the end. A bathbrush spanking on a cold bottom with little or no sexual side to the business is a serious punishment. She told me to stay where I was whilst she fetched the cane.

As she beat me slowly and carefully she scolded me to get my act together and be more responsible in future and as she put it, to do as I was damn well told.

She stopped caning me at 24 strokes. The marks are still on my bottom this morning.

Hey ho.


  1. i trust you will not forget to do as directed again.

    1. Hi DP. Well fora good while at least now. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. She should have made you buy a skirt for yourself with the return credit and wear it around the house.



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