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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Spanklet - Parting can be for the best

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

The house seemed strangely empty when Nicholas got home from work. The note in the kitchen was puzzling.

Dearest Nick, I have left and taken my things. I don't get your weird stuff and it is probably best that we each go our own way. Maybe you should see someone. It's not normal, what you want to do. I think you are a great guy but I don't dig what you want. I told Ginny about it and she said I should just leave now before I get in too deep. I'm going back home to Texas to study again.  I think you're a great guy like I said, so take care and have a happy life

Love and kisses Tracey."

PS,the double bed is mine but you can pay me for it. It is too heavy to shift out and you might have happy memories of what happened on top of it. 

So that  was that. 

Eighteen months of a relationship down the tubes. Nick mooched about for the rest of the evening, looking in the cupboards and wardrobes where Tracey had kept her clothes, but which were now empty. Her presence was gone. 

The next morning he woke up in a better frame of mind and thought that maybe he had just been given his life back. On the way to work Nick started to look at the girls in the street and in the underground in a new way.There were fresh opportunities in the world and he felt good about his future as a single man, at least for awhile. He spent quite a few nights with a bottle of wine and his laptop, searching out his passion in cyber space and enjoying his freedom. 

The next Sunday he answered a call on his cell phone.

"Where are you?"  the female voice asked.

"Who is this?"

"It's Ginny and i repeat where are you? It sounds noisy."

"I  am in the pub." Nicholas was little annoyed annoyed by the question.

"Well go home now . I  am coming round to visit."

"What, why, who the hell are you are to say what I'm doing.?"

"Ginny knows best and you are obviously having too much to drink there. Now do as I say and I will be there in twenty minutes."

Being told what to do by this friend of Tracey's was a bit weird but Nick felt aroused by the tone of her voice, so he finished his pint and said goodbye to the other regulars at the bar and made his way home. What did he have to lose and at least he would have some female company.

He had a few minutes to tidy the cushions on the sofa and put the kitchen dishes in the dishwasher before  the front doorbell rang.

He remembered Ginny as a very attractive young woman and now ,standing at the door in front of him, he had to say that she looked terrific. Hair tied back , skinny top and jeans which showed her midriff. She was definitely worth leaving the pub for.

In the sitting room he offered her a drink.

"Maybe later. Sit down Nick.I have something to say"

He did as he was told. Ginny remained standing.

"I'm all ears," he quipped.

"I need a space to live in Nick. I have just had to quit my apartment because my friend can't keep up with her rent and I don't want to find someone else. i thought maybe I could share with you?"

Nick was more than surprised. He didn't need the money to help pay the mortgage on his house and he hadn't considered renting a room.

Ginny moved a little closer towards him.

"Do you think that's naughty of me, suggesting I move in when Tracey has only just moved out."

Nick was suddenly alert. That word "naughty "set off a nerve tingling stimulus in his brain and in his crotch.

"Well maybe, yes. It's certainly out of the blue."

"So what happens to naughty girls Nick?"

He swallowed and his mind went into overdrive. 

"They get spanked, usually."

"I thought so Nick. So maybe you should do that. I heard that it floats your boat, as they say."

Ginny stepped a closer, thrusting her hips out towards him.

Reaching forward in a dreamlike daze Nick took hold of her belt buckle and pulled her closer still. Slowly he undid the leather belt and popped open the waist button and zip. As he pulled at her jeans Ginny wriggled to help loosen the tight denim fabric..

"Oh sir. Please don't spank me sir."

Nick looked up into her eyes. "You have to be spanked if your naughty."

"Not on the bare bottom sir!"

"Yes, I saidon the bare.Now be quiet. "

The jeans were around  Ginny's ankles and he took hold of the white panties she was wearing and began to slide them down over he soft suntanned thighs. There was only the smallest patch of trimmed hair covering her pubes.

"Oh sir please don't spank me hard."

"It's what you deserve young lady. Now get over my knee."

 Nick too hold of her left wrist and pulled Ginny over lap. She opened her thighs in an inviting fashion and settled over his lap with one thigh between his legs and one over his right knee.
As he landed the first slap on her white cheek she squealed but invited more attention by opening her legs even further.

Ten spanks later and Nick paused  with his hand resting on a pink spot of soft skin.

Insted of the wriggling around and verbal complaints  which Tracey might have been uttering by now during a light spanking  Ginny was calm and still over his lap and she turned her head to look at him over her shoulder.

"Harder," she said. "Spank me harder than that.". 

Nicolas needed no second invitation and began to whack his open hand rapidly over each cheek in turn.

After five minutes or so during which  the poor girl's bottom become  red and the slightly purple in places, Nicholas stopped the spanking. Ginny lay prostrate over his lap.

"Damn. that was good . i knew you would be a hard spanker when Tracey told me about your kink." So can I stay?"

Nick ran his had gently over the hot cheeks in front of him and eased his erection in his trousers with the other hand

"!'ll have to think about it," he said after a long thoughtful pause.

Ginny rolled off his lap and stood up, removing the crumpled  jeans and knickers from around her her ankles. 

"Well,while you think about it I will get my hairbrush from my bag and you can start taking your pants off and be quick about it."

Nick jumped to his feet. Was he dreaming?

.He watched the  cute bare bottom glow under the white tank top as the long slim legs moved slowly across the room.

"If I  am going to live here then  the spankings are two-way Nick, so you'd better get used to that idea."


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