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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Just a quickie

Just a speedy blog post about Just a Quickie.

We were both at home yesterday afternoon and the weather was hot. We had a snack lunch in the garden and I suggested that  we went up to the bedroom after I had done the washing up. My wife said, no, she had things to do. I looked disappointed  but accepted her rebuttal.

When I was stood at the sink clearing up she appeared back in the kitchen and said she had changed her mind. Turning around to face her she was totally nude and holding the carpet beater from the hook in the cupboard under the stairs.

She handed me the beater and then bent over in the kitchen.

"You can give me six of the best and then we go upstairs."

I did not look a gift horse in the mouth and gave her six gentle taps. She said I was being a wimp which was unlike her. I gave her six harder swats and she said that was enough and it was my turn.

I asked if we should go upstairs so I could wash. She agreed but told me to be quick. Following her cute naked body, with a slightly pink bottom, up the stairs I went to shower in the bathroom. Back in the bedroom I found her holding the carpet beater. I bent over the bed and she swatted me hard about twenty times. The beater is too broad to hurt much so I found it difficult to give the impression I was in any pain.

My wife went off and came back with the bath-brush. With this implement swinging freely, like an underhand tennis stroke,  the beating she gave me was a scorcher.

When she was done with the spanking and I was "ouching"  she stood with one foot on the  bed and pointed between her legs.

I went down on my knees quickly and licked her enthusiastically.

Falling back on the bed she commented that I didn't seem very excited.

I said it was an age thing. I was keen to fuck in my head but the reality of a suitably hard prick was not showing through. I offered to make her come and I got behind her to offer a rimming and a clit lick..

When she was fully serviced we lay side by side on the bed enjoying the sun streaming through the window. It reminded me of days gone by when we were in our twenties and spent much longer in bed than we do now.

My wife tried to tease some life into my erection but it wasn't playing. I left her to doze whilst I got on with some work. She suggested that I take a magic pill later that evening and have some fun with my prick if I wanted. So we did and it worked.

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  1. My wife is in charge, a recent visit to her Mother's, a widow, I'm told and reminded, if a spanking is needed, it will be given. I messed up the third day, spankings are done in the bedroom. I had just gotten out of bed and so I was told to remove my pj's stand with hands at side, she would be right back. The worse of all worse, my mother-in-law walked in, hairbrush in hand. Young man this is my home she said and I will do the spankings around here. I was over her lap in no time and that hairbrush will got my attention. I squirmed, kicked my feet until she secured them, pleaded and beg and promise the world. When I stood up I gripped my sore bottom, only to be told to get to the frontroom and best be quick about it. I covered my sore bottom and in the frontroom I stood before my wife. How did you like my Mom's spanking young man she said, I said not much. Now face the wall and best no rubbing, your punishment is not done yet. I stood for a good twenty minutes and was then taken to the bathroom and given a bath by my wife. Once done I was back in my pj's and stood another twenty minutes facing the wall. Prior to bed that night, in the bedroom my wife made sure I remember I was naughty and was soundly spanked, her Mother watched and told her daughter, very very nice, naughty boys should be spanked, and my wife said, he is often.


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