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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Down boy

I arrived home last week on Wednesday afternoon,after two nights away on work projects. I set about the laundry which my wife had left near the machine. I put on the first load and hand washed my her delicate knickers  and then went upstairs.

 The long whippy cane on the bed was a a bit of a shock but the when I saw the credit card bill next to it, with the extra charge that month for non-payment on time I worked out what might be coming my way. The note on the bottom of the bill confirmed that my wife would be home  at 6.30 from her exercise class and i should be ready. 

I thought that my previous wooden spoon spanking had cancelled out this mistake of mine but it seems that the arrival of the statement had reminded her all over again.

I spent an hour or so doing chores and started a second load of washing, then I had a shower and put on some pants and placed myself in the corner. I was staring at the wall when my wife arrived back and came into the bedroom. She did not speak to me and the next shock was a stinging stroke of the cane across the backs of my legs.

She pulled me into the center of the room and I admired her trim figure in the tight gym clothes.

"Get into this position." 

My wife bent herself gracefully and adopted the "downward dog "yoga stance.

This was not so graceful when I tried and I ended up on all fours before pushing myself up into an awkward angle. I strained my arms and legs to stay in position and then the caning started. 

The problem with the whippy cane is that it feels great across my bottom but the last 6 inches or so can whip and curl over the flank of my bottom and this stings like crazy. 

I took about 12 strokes before it became downright painful on the side of my bottom.

"I think you're enjoying this too much."  

My wife was half-right but still, I didn't think I could hold the position for much longer. 

The cane began to land on the bare skin of my legs  below the line of my pants.This was tough but actually wasn't that sore and I started to get in the zone of submissive pain.

She moved up and down with her aim and the cane strokes on my ass were actually quite pleasant, provided that  I ignored the side swipes.

"Get on your knees again and roll on to your back."

I did as instructed.

She leaned over me and pulled off my pants. I helped by tilting my legs in the air. 

I had no erection at that point but as I watched her in the tight lycra leggings there was a stirring in my loins.

"Now lets try the Bridge. Put your arms by your side, arch your back and go up onto your shoulders."

I lifted my body as she had said.

"Keep going and reach for your ankles."

 This was not going to happen but I  managed to grab my lower calves as my waist lifted higher into the air.

" Is that the best you can do?"

"Yes m'am."

"Well spread your knees apart then. You're not in very good shape are you?"

"No ma'am"

I was totally exposed by now and my prick had started to wave around enjoying the  erotic feel of fresh air  in front her.

She stood over my head and zipped the cane aggressively by her side. With a fast stroke she hit the inside of my right thigh and then with barely a pause she caned my left leg. I nearly dropped back down but gripped my legs tighter and pushed up against the floor to make my naked torso more accessible. 

Seeing me seemingly invite her to whip me harder  she whizzed the cane across my prick ad I groaned with pleasure.

This was heaven for me . In a slow random pattern she caned my legs, then my balls and my prick and I cried out "Yes ma'am , sorry ma'am , cane me ma'am."

The lacing went on for quite a few minutes and I still could have had more. Staring up at her tight elastic covered crotch whilst the cane delivered the agony  was simply an ecstatic joy.

My wife  eventually put the rod down and I lowered my body to the  ground.

"Thank you ma'am. " I muttered as the residual pain of the strokes and the fantasy look of her tight ass of her flooded my body and my brain.

"That wasn't meant that much of a pleasure. I will have to think of something else. You enjoy these scenes too much. Get on with dinner whilst I have a shower and think of how to punish you."

I dressed quickly. She handed me her sweaty gym clothes and I rushed off to give them a hand-wash. She is a joy these days.

Of course we all know that ladies are much more supple and I would love to have my wife in this position awaiting the strap, but it is not going to happen in our household

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