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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Spanking thoughts

It has been one of those sort of spanko thought filled kind of couple of days.

 First off, we were invited to watch the big game of football on Sunday night, with a group of people that my wife knows vaguely but who I have never met. I was kind of reluctant to go and when I looked grumpy I was cautioned to get my act together and be good company. As it turned out I should have been keener to go.

The household where the gathering was held was mad keen on horses and everywhere I turned there were photographs of young horsewomen in jodhpurs, with whips in their hands, looking attractive with a steed at their side. 

The downstairs loo of the house was accessed through a cloakroom in which an assortment of whips hung on hooks. They were kept correctly in horizontal fashion. I took the liberty of swishing myself on the backside on the two occasions I visited the loo. Even my wife commented on the way home that the house contained a lot of whips, so I just said yes, in a hopeful sort of voice.

Then on Monday I made my way across country to a meeting and got to my hotel early in the afternoon, because the business was finished at 3 .

Once settled in the bar with a drink I admired a splendid filly in a black top and stripey leggings. Her bottom was gorgeous and I spent too long admiring it from over my laptop.

The vertical stripes got me thinking of how useful horizontally striped leggings would be when engaged in caning a young ladies bottom. The pattern would provide a splendid aiming strategy, one black, one white, one black, one white and so on, for each stroke.

The same could be useful for my wife when aiming the cane on my own bottom. I might look into buying a pair of these pants.

Not that I look like this any more 

Shortly after the girl in stripey leggings left the bar, in-walked a deliciously stern looking woman in a short dress. Thank goodness for summer. She provided me with a short fantasy for later that night when I was on my own and could envisage a business meeting where my shortcomings in contract negotiation are discovered and a punishment is meted out.

And then once in my bedroom and on the naughty blogs I have discovered that Amelia Rutherford might be posting again.

 She is a spanker's delight and whether receiving or giving I am her adoring fan. 

What chance meeting a spanko like her for real?

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