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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Full on or not

Summer sun continues in the UK (makes a change)

Recently Bogey over at Our Bottoms Burn mentioned that he was not a fan of images on spanking blogs which displayed either female or male genitalia in full close up view and I have to agree with him.

Without the touch up this next image would have been XXX

I prefer to see open leg shots from a short distance.

If the spankee is captured in a close up then a pair of panties on the crotch or a thong on the prick are more stimulating and permit more concentration on the spanked bottom.

Penis spanking and pussy whipping are both appealing to me, though perhaps not to all my blog readers, so I sometimes break my own conventions but only do so in smaller reduced images, unless again the view is at a slight distance.

It is interesting to me that drawings of genitals are much less off putting and I think that close ups in line drawings are pretty erotic. Maybe the fact that it is a representation which you see, rather than an actual vagina or cock, means that you visualize  what you want in your own head instead of  having it presented on a plate so to speak.

Here are a couple of fantasies which might not be so easy on the eye if they were colour fotos.


  1. Have to agree, don't like to see female or male genitalia in full close up view.


    1. As you would expect from such a well brought up lady. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I also agree, I make sure to keep whatever images I share - personal or not personal wise, sexy but not full close up. :)

    New reader/follower here.. very much enjoying your blog so far!

    brat xx

    1. Great to hear from you Amber - hope you continue to visit.

    2. Thank you, Michael. I absolutely will be! :) xx


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