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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

More naughtiness in panties

Victoria Vista over at Sexual Destinies reminded me that I had not slipped into or been ordered to wear any of my knickers (panties) in recent weeks.

So I set off to work last Friday  in one of the pairs of knickers that have a control band at the front and a thong at the rear. Boy, are they tight. 

They gave me a full day of discomfort at meetings. I dropped in a the health club on the way home and had a fun time keeping myself covered up whilst changing into swimming gear. I should like to be discovered in my panties by one of the female staff but it's not going to happen. 

I wore panties for the next three days and since I am responsible for all the laundry in the house it is not difficult to keep my knicker wearing a secret. But then on Tuesday I messed up and placed one of my black full knickers in my wife's drawer instead of at the back of my wardrobe.They are just an every day cotton pair with a bit of lace round the hem so they did not stand out from the other pairs. 

Yesterday whilst I was making breakfast my wife came down dressed for work and waved the kinickers in front of  me.

"Yours I believe, since they are size 16."

" Yes ma'am. "I   instantly knew what mistake I had made.

"Turn round and bend over the sink"

I was not going to work that day so I was in cargo shorts.As I leaned forward I had my fingers crossed that she would leave them on. 

She flipped the knickers over my head and told me what a silly boy I looked and then undid the button on my shorts and yanked them down.

"Oh my goodness. More girlie knickers," she exclaimed.

Sorry Ma'am." I mumbled from underneath the hood of the  cotton gusset which was over my nose and mouth.

"Sorry you're wearing them or sorry I caught you?" 

I stayed quiet.

" I was going to spank you but that isn't enough now . Pull your pants up and get on with breakfast. I will cane you hard when I have more time."

As she left for work she told me to get out of the panties and make a good job of cleaning the house. She would deal with me later.


  1. I hope that she only feigns being upset with you wearing panties.

    1. I think so. She finds it a little odd but is happy if it makes me happy. I only got into this about twenty years ago when she placed one of her thongs on me and it turned me on no end.

  2. Side note, but I love that you call them knickers. My Domme lives in Australia, and has seriously got me hooked on saying knickers instead of panties. lol. Sir even slips now and calls them that as well at times. :D

    Great post, as always. Very much enjoying your blog!

    1. There is something onomatopoeic about knickers - the word sounds good from the get go. Knicking knickers is of course illegal.
      Australian dommes sounds interesting,

    2. I so agree! She is interesting indeed. :) xx


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