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Monday, 11 August 2014

DD on a Saturday.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. The impending storm of rain and wind seemed a long way off. We were both in a jolly mood as I had spent a long time with my head between my my wife's legs the night before and she had experienced multiple orgasms before finally falling into a deep sleep.

I made a cup of tea and we chatted whislt she drank it in bed. When she asked what I wanted to do that day, I said I was easy so she suggested shopping. I must have looked a little grumpy about the idea because there was a definite shift of power in the room. Her tone of voice changed to stern.

"Maybe I had better try out that hairbrush to remind you of your place in this house. Bring it over here."

"Get those bottoms off and get over the bed. "

I pulled down my PJ shorts and eased myself over the bed into a very comfortable position on her lap and waited. Slowly she stroked my bottom and then tapped it with the back of the brush.

"How much did this cost?"

"Thirty pounds Miss."

"What? That's ridiculous.  Lets just hope it lasts a  long time, more than my last one."

"Yes ma'am, I am sure it will."

"So lets say thirty on each cheek shall we, to try to get you out of your mood?"

"Thank you ma'am."

"You may not be thanking me in a while. And I haven't forgotten the panty business but we'll deal with that later on. Maybe before we go out for supper."

I stretched out my arms and offered by bottom to a welter of spanks. She did not let up and I was in a lot of pain until I finally climbed over the cliff top into subspace. Once I was there she could spank me for ever. The beating of the hairbrush on my butt  became  secondary to my feelings of love and submission.

I snapped out of the zone when she switched the spanking to the back of my legs and I  bucked and voiced my shock as she whacked away hard up and down my thighs.

When she ceased the spanking I lay exhausted over her lap. My rear was on fire and the glow would have lit a dark room.

As I rolled to one side away from her and onto my back she flicked the brush up against my testicles and that mobilised me off the bed.

When we left for the shops I was in a great mood and all was right with the world. My bum was still toasty and I had selected a g-string pair of pants to keep some fresh cooling air in circulation  between my hot cheeks and the seat of the trousers.

Shopping turned out to be more fun than I might have hoped, mainly because the stores she chose to enter were full of pretty girls wearing not a lot because of the sunny day. Brits go mad when the temperature gets only mildly warm and all of a sudden everyone pretends they are in some Mediterranean beach town.

I caught sight of  more than good  share of bare thigh and the odd curve of bottom under a short skirt. 

 I also hadn't been aware that leather shorts are all the rage this summer. Some of those tight bottoms were just too spankable.

Once we were back home I busied myself with bathroom and toilet cleaning and generally made myself useful. 

was showering to get ready to go out when my wife came into the bathroom carrying the cane from the blanket chest. She wiggled her finger for me to get out of the shower and then took me by my ear across the bathroom and indicated that I should bend with my hands on the side of the bath.

The caning in that position did not last long because there was not enough room for a swing so we switched to me being on my knees on the tiled floor. She stood over my head so that she could lace me diagonally across my butt with ceiling to floor swipes. The cane whizzed dramatically.

"No more panties without my permission. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am. Sorry ma'am. i understand ma'am."

"So get dry and get dressed. We're going to be late."

The evening was a success. I did not drink so that I could drive and my wife commented on how well I had behaved and that I was a model husband. on the marital bed I resumed my place between her thighs where I had left off the night before. 

When she was fully satisfied, I stood by the side of the bed, prick in hand,  and she told me a delightful story about two girls getting spanked in a tennis lesson so that I could wank and come quickly.

 As she passed me a tissue she asked if I had enjoyed the day? 

 Did I ?


  1. Wow, what a day you had. I would love a spanking day like that.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Baxter. Hope you get what you need.

  3. Well did you?:)



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