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Friday, 15 August 2014

Back in time

Emmanuelle came to mind the other day when Ronnie listed a film on her blog. Sylvia Kristel was my first exposure to interesting sex in the cinema rather than in a girlie magazine. I saw the film with a girlfriend and then went back twice to watch it by myself. 

It was awesome, as they say these days,  and it fed my imagination for many a singleton night with my trusty stiff friend. 

There was no video in those days so you only got the one chance in a cinema to commit the images to memory. 

These pictures only tell half the story, but they still excite me even though the internet is full of much racier stuff.

The squash court scene was memorable for the short skirts and white knickers and a little bit of excitement on the court.

I remember that my girlfriend of the time was a long legged  girl, with dark hair that was cut short. She was quite a player at heavy petting but would not go all the way, nor would she allow herself to be spanked. I wonder where she is now?

Hey ho, tempus fugit.

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