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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Affair - not likely.

When I took her morning tea and the weekend newspaper up to my wife, she reached for the Review section which had a front page headline "Can you affair-proof your marriage?"

"Easily," my wife said in answer to that question. 

"Just keep them on a short rein and whip them every now again. You don't need a therapist to tell you that."

I smiled at her logic.

"In fact I think you could do with some treatment today, so once the bathrooms are done come and find me with the bathbrush."

"Yes ma'am."  I saluted smartly before leaving the room.

"Easy", I heard her mutter as she flicked through the newspaper.


  1. Funny, Mistress and I had a conversation last night after watching Madmen and commenting on what a man-whore the main character his. She said to me that if I ever fuck anyone but her she would (fill-in terrible thing here _____ ).

    While we were walking to bed I was thinking about how it wasn't even a possibility that I would ever fuck someone else and how odd that Mistress would think that it was even possible. I mean after all I have been conditioned to accept the fact that I need her permission before I can even touch my cock. I accept that fact gladly and would never even think of allowing myself any sexual pleasure without her knowledge and permission. I do this willingly and derive much satisfaction in my devotion to my Mistress K and that I given her the ownership of my sex. Once we got into bed I mentioned to her that she would never have to worry about my having sex with another woman like the character on the show because the only way that could possibly happen is if it where something she required me to do. In my mind, having an unauthorized orgasm is paramount to stealing from Mistress. An obviously awful thing to do. As such, if I were to even entertain, fantasize about having sex with another woman without Mistress' knowledge, there would have to be a fundamental problem within our relationship.

    1. Hello sub hub
      Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. The only way Elliott would ever have an affair is if I told him to. Which is how it should be. But I enjoy it when he enjoys looking at other women... Whets the appetite and makes his chastity all the more delicious.

  3. Hello Hannah. I appreciate your comment Mistress Hannah. I read your work and Elliott is a fortunate man.


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