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Monday, 18 August 2014

Nice enough Sunday

We went to the movies on Sunday afternoon and saw a nondescript film about a man in search of happiness.

He achieved what he wanted in the end but it wasn't terribly exciting.

Things looked up a bit when there were two scenes of women in boy pant knickers and one of a woman in short pyjama shorts.

When we got home I made supper and asked my wife if I could massage her feet whilst she watched a TV drama about life in in some early 1900's English settlement. 

Why it is called a drama I don't know because nothing dramatic ever happens, but my wife enjoys it and I would prefer to wash and kiss her feet than sit through the programme.

I made myself busy whilst she showered and got into her sleepwear and then I went down on my knees with warm water in the foot bath and lots of things to scrub and cream her with. I had a whole hour to work on her feet and ankles so I did not rush things. I refilled her wine glass twice and brought her biscuits and cheese to nibble on whilst I worked.

As the programme ended, I had tidied everything away and I came into the sitting room to find her lying on her back sprawled on the sofa, dressing gown open and her short cotton nightie pulled up to her waist.

The invitation was clear and I spent a solid twenty minutes licking and kissing her to orgasm.

All in all a nice Sunday. Hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. What a wonderful way to spend the evening. Attending to your wife can be much better than what is on TV today. And to finish it off you were allowed to put your head between her legs and lick her sweet nectar. I hope when she climaxed she gushed for you.

    1. Hi Archedone. Yes there are lots better things to do that watch TV

  2. Sounds like you both enjoyed your Sunday. Lucky women.


  3. Thanks for stopping by. It was a delicious end to the day.


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