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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Unannounced return

I have quite a few stories in this blog to which I really need to add chapters and I will endeavour to do this. In the meantime here is a tale which came into my head the other day.

The house was set back from the road quite a distance and it could have been a large single dwelling. In fact it was a semi detached property which was a common construction in the late Victorian era. There were two driveways and a low hedge divided the gardens at the front.

Michael swung his car onto his property on the late August evening just as the sun was going down. 

The tyres made a soft crunching noise on the gravel as he drove up to the garage, which was set back and slightly to the rear of the house. 

Using the electronic key he opened the garage door and drove his sports car inside the cool, well organised space. He had been on the rigs for nearly four weeks and he was glad to be home. He was looking forward to a month of R&R, when he could do pretty much as he pleased.

He swung his waterproof kit bag out of the car along with the food and drink purchases he had made at the local 24 hour store. The house was quiet when he went through the kitchen door and it was a real pleasure to be back. After a shower and a few moments of food preparation he sat in the living room enjoying a simple plate of pasta. It was so good to be eating alone watching TV in his own place instead of in the crew hall of a rig, a hundred miles into the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa.

When he had finished the wine bottle he made his way to bed. It was still early but he was tired from nearly two days of travel. The late summer night was still warm so he had opened a window and lay flat on his bed in just his pants. Communal living in his 2 person dormitory meant that he had hardly touched himself over the last few weeks. When his dorm mate had been on duty he had taken a quick wank, more out of boredom than anything else. Now he had an opportunity for a much slower hand job.

He had been lying on his bed only a few minutes when he heard voices coming from the window of the house next door. They were a young couple who had moved in six months or so ago  and had been busy refurbishing since the day they had arrived. e had only met them a couple of times. She was attractive and her husband is something in the finance world so they seemed to have plenty of spare cash.

The voices were too low to hear what was said but then he heard what was quite clearly a smack followed by a yelp. The smacking noise repeated and settled into a rythym. Clearly someone was getting spanked and when he heard more of the woman’s voice than her husbands Michal figured it must be him on the receiving end. 

It didn’t take long for sound of the spanking to have an effect on Michael's imagination and his erection stiffened visibly. In only a few minutes the though of that pretty young woman spanking away on a bare bottom had him on the edge. 

For a second or two he conjured up the image of the girl receiving  a spanking in return and then it was all over for him, he had shot his load.

Wiping himself clean before getting between the sheets, Michael realised that the room next door had gone quiet, except for might have been low moans of pleasure.

In a somewhat mischievous act he got up and slammed his own window shut. They would now he was home now. Smiling to himself he looked forward to making their acquaintance again tomorrow. Perhaps in a chance encounter over the garden wall.

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  1. What a nice scene to come home to. I might have tried to see the spanking taking place, it would make a nice conversation piece the next time they met.


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