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Friday, 13 September 2013

Demerit book appears

After dinner last night ,and before I did the washing up, my wife produced the small punishment book from her handbag. She opened it and turned each page slowly, taking a glance and then looking across at me as I cringed with anticipation.

"This book is a mess," she said. "I  can’t tell where we are and what you are still due to receive as punishment."

"No, ma’am.  Sorry ma'am"

"So I want you to sit there and sort it out. But you can start by adding 12 strokes of the cane for sloppy work. I’m going for a bath and when you are done you can come up and read it to me. Don’t imagine anything is going to happen tonight, although depending how I feel  we may have a session on Saturday."

"Yes ma’am."

She flounced out of the room, leaving that delicious possibility hanging in the air.

I tidied away the dishes and sat down to concentrate on the book of misdeeds.

I could see right away what my wife had complained of. 

In one entry in April I had been awarded 80 strokes with the cane, 40 with the paddle and five minutes with the hairbrush. Then there was a further award of 40 with the riding crop but only those 40 had been ticked off in the book as having been given on my bare bottom. 

She had paddled me on one occasion but I had not written in the number of strokes, possibly because I had lost count when she was spanking me. 

There was no sign of the cane strokes having been allocated, so I decided to write up a new page. This time I drew a line down the side of the page so that I could show when the misdeed had been expunged.

So I now have 12 cane strokes from last night, 80 of the same from the time before and 40 with the paddle and on top of that a hairbrush spanking still to come.

I went to her bathroom and showed  the relevant page of the book to my wife and apologised for not keeping it up to date. I had to read it out in front of her, kneeling on the tiled floor, and ask for the punishment to be given so that I could learn my lesson.

It is now back in the drawer of the chest in the bedroom. Perhaps it will come out this weekend?

  Maybe I might l also get released to orgasm before I have to go away.


  1. Oh dear. It seems you are due a very sore bottom. We used to keep a punishment book but it too got out of hand. There were so many strokes undelivered it was hard work to keep up with where we were at. Hence the reason we adopted maintenance punishment. Good luck with 92 can strokes and paddling. Not to mention the five minutes of hairbrushing. Ouch!

  2. Hi RM Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes keeping the book straight is a problem. I suggested that idea of marbles in a jar that one blogger used but that did not work for my wife as there was no narrative. The 92 strokes is going to be stimulating but it will not probably be all at one go.

  3. Michael, the problem with not wiping the slate clean in one go means that between the sessions trying to work off the 92 you could easily incur even more.....It's the price we have to pay for being allowed to indulge in our submissive ways. 92 strokes would be an exacting punishment but the memorable experience might help you mend your ways?

  4. I might give a punishment book some thought and see if my wife would go along with it. We are applying for a home equity line of credit and want $50K. So my wife has been spanking me 50 times, half with my shorts on and half bare. She has done that several times. As it turns out, we are getting $29K, so maybe the next spanking will be that number. who knows, but she loves spanking me and I love receiving.


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