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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Stop and go

I have not been permitted to orgasm since my wife imposed a "Cease and Desist" order on me on the 2nd of September.

The time before that I was without release from 26th August to 31st September.

I enjoy the imposition of this restriction and it appeals to my submissive nature. On the days when I am tempted to grab my erection and rub, particularly when writing or reading erotic or spanking blogs, i remind myself of her instruction and pull back from the brink.

The current restriction is driving me mad. Two or three times we have had play sessions where I would have dearly loved to climax but there was no statement from my wife to lift the embargo.

I am travelling next week on my own and if I do not get a signal before I leave then I will be sorely tempted, as I lie on my hotel bed, to take my cock in my hand.

I have kept myself shaved for  a few weeks hoping that my wife might do one of those painful ball and testicle spanking sessions. 

It is thrilling to be on my back, with her bottom over my face, whilst she whips me between the legs and pulls hard at my prick.

 I guess that I just have to bide my time.


  1. I hope you get relief soon. Or, perhaps a hard caning will suffice.

  2. Thanks Joey. A caning and a cum would be special.


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