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Monday, 9 September 2013

Knuckle down.

We had a busy social Sunday with one of our children back for a day or so's visit.
Apart from that nothing to report really. I have some work coming up which will take me away from the house for a week. 

Hopefully I will have some evenings free to get some writing done. My story about Searching has ground to a halt and I should knuckle down to try and write some spanklets.

Having just used the term "knuckle down" I thought I should look it up. 

It seems that it has to do with playing marbles and how to position your hand and thumb.

n 1740, Thomas Dyche and William Pardon published A dictionary of all the words commonly us'd in the English tongue. In that they define the verb knuckle or knuckle down as:
"A particular phrase used by lads at a play called taw, wherein they frequently say, Knuckle down to your taw, or fit your hand exactly in the place where your marble lies."
knuckle down

I suppose that "knuckles down" is also the best instruction on how to grip the paddle or cane as it reaches the landing point.

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