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Sunday, 8 September 2013

All quiet at the moment.

Saturday was a sunny day so maybe I was wrong when I said that Summer was coming to an end. It has certainly been one of the better years in the UK for hot weather.

We took a shopping trip together yesterday and bought mainly small household items. For lunch we went back to that store where you have to negotiate your way through the lingerie section before getting the portals of the café. 

There were some pretty "new arrivals" and I wondered whether I should spend some money buying new bra and pants for my wife. She guessed at my thoughts and told me she had quite enough panties and that I should stop staring at the racks.

In the afternoon we prepared for the return of one of the children. Spanking and sex will be off the agenda for a couple of days, at least physically if not in my head.

The level of blogging by other people seems to have increased now that maybe people have returned from vacation so there is loads to read given time on the laptop. 

Tumblr is very full of all flavours of TTWD so this can be a distraction as one follows one link to another. I must spend less time doing this and more time writing.

Enjoy your Sunday.

I remember it was a Sunday like this when I had my first heavy petting session. I must have been 14-15 years old and I had been seeing a girl called Catherine. We had done the movies together and a dance and I went round to her house on this particular Sunday to go for a walk. 

It was probably late Summer just before we were going back to school, (not mixed) and there was precious little to occupy us. Anyway we settled down on the grass in a quiet place overlooking a reservoir of town water. Kissing led to fondling and then Catherine let me run my hand farther up her dress and thigh than was generally permitted. 

Under her knickers I discovered quite a lot of hair with my fingers and then, joy of joys, the pink stuff. I have been addicted to that silky damp place ever since. 

Hey ho . If only I could go back and start again.

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