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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

SM - open or closed subject with you?

I have noticed that quite a few women now openly allude to SM in their everyday conversation but hardly any men make a comment about it. I suppose that after many years of exposure to leather and whips in the fashion scene then spanking and such activities are just regular things these days. Either one does it or frowns upon it or one doesn't much care.

What a change from the time that I had to sneak a peek at spanking stuff in newsagents who kept the special stuff.

I often wonder what some of my girlfriends who I tried to spank but who refused might be up to now. Perhaps they are into the scene and I have missed my chance. 

We know one couple who talk quite openly about spanking and have done since they were married. They even keep a saddle on a trestle in their family room as a trophy from their time in Argentina. My wife requires that we stay away from exchanging notes with this couple and they have no idea that I am  caned and spanked at home.

One other couple has half alluded to bedroom spanking activities but has not opened up.

Yet, to my knowledge, when my wife gets into a girlie group they are all happy to chat about sex and kink. I know because she has told me and I have overheard things when a girls get together takes place at our house.

Although I doubt that they end up spanking each other.

I can't imagine sharing my kink with another bloke down at the pub or on a business car trip.

I should love to go to  a spanking party and exchange views and have my bottom spanked but it i not going to happen, so I will just have to live with it.


  1. Michael,

    I am very careful to stay away from kinky topics with vanilla friends. Fortunately, I have many male and female friends I can talk to about everything kinky. And, they have real experience in most activities which is a benefit.

    Never is a long time. Most of my spanking party friends entered the scene late in life.


    1. Hi Joey
      Thanks for stopping by and adding your words of wisdom. You're right maybe it will happen one day.


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