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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Caught out

Last night, Tuesday, was set fair to be a spanking session. My wife had said as much on Sunday.
I was at home most of the day and it was easy enough for me to prepare things. I hoped she would make it a long maintenance punishment. I needed it.

By 5.30 pm I was showered, in my pants and standing in the corner of the bedroom facing the wall. There were 3 instruments neatly laid out on the chest of drawers, for easy selection..

At about 6 o’clock I heard a car draw up in the drive and I thought – right here we go – this is my wife home, so I should soon be roasting. 

Then the door  bell rang.. I was puzzled. Had my wife forgotten her key?

I set off to greet her in just my underwear and then I heard a second car pull in onto the gravel drive. I went over to the window and saw my wife getting out, so that meant that the first car must be a visitor.

Standing at the top of the landing I heard my wife talking to someone as she opened the door. I heard the voice of the other person but could not work out who it might be.

Dilemna - should I go back to the room and wait or get some clothes on and go downstairs?

I decided to wait a while and sat on the bed.

Big mistake – two minutes later and they were coming up the stairs chatting away.

"Just a moment,"I yelled out. "I am getting dressed."

I scurried around trying to hide the cane and paddle and crop and pulling some clothes out of the cupboard. Looking as casual as I could I opened the door to find my wife glaring at me. The woman with her turned out to be an interiors person whom my wife had asked to visit to talk about new curtains.

I said hello and went downstairs. I hoped that they would not have any reason to pull back the bedcovers because that is where I had placed all the spanking toys.

When we were alone again my wife asked me what I had been up to and laughed out loud when I told her of my preparations and my state of undress.

“It was a good job you didn’t handcuff yourself to the bed,” she commented.”That would have been interesting.”

When we got to bed she saw me removing the implements from the hiding place.

“You can leave those out. I ‘ll use them tomorrow and give you double the strokes.”

"Thank you, ma'am."

"You may not have much to thank me for."

We rolled around in the bed for a while but she didn't feel like playing. When she felt my erection she asked me if I had stuck to the regime and not wanked? I said of course ma'am.

"Good.keep it that way. I think we will extend the one week to two."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Now go to sleep and hands off."

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