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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Wednesday whipping

Last night got off to a bad start and the spanking very nearly did not happen.

 I had to go off on a one day job and the traffic on the way home was horrendous. I got caught up in one of those jams where they closed the road because of an accident. At around 6.30 I rang my wife to say I was free of the jam and would be back by 8.00. She asked if I was calling her whilst driving and I said no. I had learned that lesson. Anyway, she suggested that we meet at the pub and have a snack meal. I deduced that a maintenance session was probably not on the cards.

When I got to the pub I found that she had walked there and told me that I would not be drinking. Hiding her action, by standing close to me, she grabbed me at the crotch over my trousers and squeezed hard on my balls. She whispered that this was only the start of the pain and I could expect a lot more later on.

We chatted with some acquaintances whilst eating and then my wife announced that we had to go. She had things to do, she said.

 I drove home in silence not daring to mention what was going through my head. Once inside she led me to the kitchen and told me to remove my clothes and go out and stand in the yard.

“What? Naked?”

“As the day you were born.”

It was getting dark and our garden was enclosed so I assumed no one was likely to see me.

"Put your hands on your head." My wife reached down for the garden hose as she spoke and the next thing I knew she was drenching me with water. She had the jet on as full as it would go and she laughed as she saw me jumping around in the cold water spray.

"Stand still and take it like a man, you wimp."

I braced myself and stood my ground as she squirted way. After the initial shock it had actually become quite pleasant standing there on what was still a warm night being soaked naked in water.

"Turn round and bend over, hands on your knees"

She proceeded to send the jet of water between my cheeks and then turned off the hose.

"There, that was fun. Now stay in position I will be back in a moment to dry you off."

When she returned she was carrying the riding crop.

Her method of drying me was to whip the water off and she did a good job. There was hardly any noise from the crop, just a steady slap, slap, slap as the tab whipped across my bottom. She took her time and the rest of my body had stopped dripping water when she announced that she was done and took me by the ear to raise me up and march me into the kitchen.

“Pick up your clothes and go upstairs to the spare room and get the cane out.”

She proceeded to give me 36 hard strokes with the cane with me lying across the back of the bedroom chair. It was a completely silent affair apart from the whizz, crack of the cane and my exhalations of breath.

As she threw the cane on the bed she cautioned me.

“Don’t assume too much young man. If I don’t mention anything on the day then you should not get yourself ready for a session. It would have made me look pretty silly if I had come home last night with that designer and found you naked in the room.”

"Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry ma'am."

When I was dressing I took a look at the marks and lines in the wall mirror. She had done a great job and I could still feel a few ridges. I was in a great mood and all the stress of the day had gone. I do like being back under the rod and my wife is quite inventive. I think she enjoys whipping me now.


  1. Fantastic Michael. What an awesome session. I have a fantasy of being sprayed with a hose while standing naked.


  2. Well it's good to have tried something new.
    I also fantasy about water spraying and whipping in a spa scenario. Perhaps I should write a Sunday Spanklet.

  3. Lovely writing as refreshing and startling as the water and beatings were.



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