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Monday, 2 September 2013

Nothing too dramatic over the weekend.

Friday was such a good night that it is not surprising nothing much happened over the weekend. We both felt pretty good about the sex we had and my mood was good. 

I got through a lot of chores and when my wife went out to the shops yesterday I spent the morning in a pair of panties just doing the ironing. I was pushing my luck since I had not sought approval from her. I had some time to spare so I shaved around my privates, my testicles  and between my legs.

I half hoped to be caught in the act but she did not come home until the afternoon.

We enjoyed an afternoon on our own and took a walk in the early evening before going to the pub.
Walking home I  asked for a spanking but she declined. She did however say that I should be ready for a maintenance session on Tuesday night.

We had a fondle in bed and I went down on her. She caressed my prick and the coolness of her fingers on the freshly shaved areas was sensational. She told me not to do anything for myself and to wait until she allowed me to come, which might be later in the week. 

I fell asleep stiff but content with my lot.


  1. It sounds like you are a good submissive to her. You ask and she says yes or no and you accept it. A good submissive should always give his Mistress/Wife good oral sex at bedtime. You didn't say how she felt about you shaving. I keep myself shaved and my wife loves it. I bet you are clenching thinking of your maintenance spanking coming up, I know I would be.

    1. Hi Archedone. I try my best to respect my Mistresses wishes.

  2. Lucky lucky man Michael, you should keep your lady happy. Bless you both !
    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks Gary. I know that I am fortunate to have such a good mistress.


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