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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Searching and finding - part 3

For previous elements of this story line please see  Searching  and Searching and Finding -part 1  and Searching and finding - part 2.  Thanks.

I sat and admired the pretty young woman opposite me and wondered at my good fortune in having made contact. I offered her a glass of the wine I was drinking and  Adriana glanced quickly at the menu that the waitress placed in front of us.

“I know what we want to eat. Bring some olives and then two of the vegetarian lasagnes please, with green salads.”

Adriana looked across at me as the waitress took the order and departed.

“I hope you like vegetarian. Not that it matters since I do and what I want goes, correct?”

“Yes, of course Adriana.”

“You are forgetting yourself again.”

“Sorry, yes, Mistress Adriana.”

She sipped her drink and smiled.

“Much better. So let’s speed things up. Whilst we are waiting for our food tell me 10 things about yourself. Pretend we are speed dating.”

She settled back in her chair. The waitress approached with the olives and I waited they were on the table. As I gathered my thoughts Adriana took an olive and rolled it around her pouted lips on the stick before pushing it into her mouth.

“Well,” I began, “I was born in Chelmsford.”

She nodded and waved me on with impatience,

“I work in the oil industry.”

“I have a sister that I don’t see very much.”

This was harder than it sounds. What do you say about yourself in short bursts.

“I’m single.”

“I live in a house” – that sounded pretty stupid

“I‘m right-wing in politics.”  Bad choice I thought seeing that I was with a vegetarian who generally have  socialist views.

“I like dogs but I don’t have one.”

How many is that I thought. Adriana looked at me expectantly and sipped her wine.

“I went on holiday to the States last year.”

“I drive an Audi.”

The one thing that had kept coming into my mind and which I had been pushing away finally came out.

“I’m into spanking.”

That, of course, was why we had met in this restaurant and now I had said it publicly.

I stopped and looked across at Adriana.

"That’s nine” she said without any expression of surprise at my last admission.

“You have one more.”

“I think you’re pretty.”

She smiled and made a comment that was a nice thing to say, but it wasn’t something about me."

"Tell me something you have never told anyone else?" she said.

I fought with this one for a few seconds.

“I was sent to boarding school.”

“And?” Adriana knew there was more.

“We used to, you know, do things. Things in the dormitory.”

“You mean you had sex with other boys?”

“Yes – not actual sex  but nearly.”

“How interesting. You must tell me all about that one day. If we meet again of course.”

Relieved that I had gotten to my 10 things I took my glass of wine and toasted her.

“Well since the food hasn't come,” she volunteered. ” How about if I tell you 10 things about me?”

I sat back and gave her my full attention.

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