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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nice end to the day.

Lat night turned out brilliantly. I gave my wife a present of  some clothes and we went out for an inexpensive dinner at a small wine bar. She hit the white wine quite heavily early on and since we went by taxi I have to admit that I ordered the second bottle surreptitiously and she did not notice the steady top ups.

By the end of the meal she was whispering things like how naughty I am and how she was glad to have the cane and paddle back in her hand and how much nicer I am after a smacked bottom. I thought one or two people might have overheard but could not see anyone looking at us.

Back home I made a play for her in the living room and she made no objections. 

In no time I had disrobed her and I was on my knees whilst she stood with one foot on the sofa, offering open access to her warm soft lips. 

Giggling she pulled my head away and said I could kiss her somewhere else if I wanted to. She turned and knelt up on the sofa seat and offered a gorgeous bare bottom to me. Still on my knees I shuffled behind her and ran my kisses up and down the groove of her cheeks and then used my tongue on her rosebud in small hard circular movements. She spread her legs wider and I almost buried my face trying to lick her from the front of her cunt and back up to her anus. The groans of pleasure spurred me on to ever more licking and kissing.

After a full five minutes or more of sexual gorging,  she turned her body and flopped back into the sofa with her legs open in front of me. I began serious work on her clitoris and mound and my darling wife orgasmed quickly.

She carried on coming using the flat fingers of one hand and ordered me to strip and wank in front of her. With one foot she pushed and rubbed  my balls in a way that was both painful and pleasurable.

"Make sure you catch it," she said as I got close to coming. "Then you can lick your hands clean."

We staggered up to bed leaving the clothes scattered around the room.

I drifted off to sleep with the the mixed taste of hers and mine cum on my tongue.

It is good to be back in the groove and I hope that it is not short-lived.

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  1. As I think I've said before, I'm usually required to lick my wife clean after ejaculating over her clitoris, which is how we usually finish. I've not been asked to catch it in my hand and then lick it up, though!



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