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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas comes but once a year

Well, the Christmas and Holiday preparations are just about done and we await some family members this weekend. I have done a good job on all the house cleaning, if I say so myself.

We are planning some final shopping this weekend and I have a few things to buy on the internet.

On Monday my wife suggested that I needed some maintenance to put me in the right frame of mind for being nice and non-argumentative over Christmas. This was a pleasant surprise as there has not been much in the way of maintenance recently, although there have been some spankings. Maintenance is usually quite a severe session with many different instruments.

The surprise suddenly got even better when she volunteered to do a "domination visit" session and she would take look at  Punishment Book beforehand. She said that I could plan a visit on Wednesday. My wife would get home from work earlier and I could book an appointment for 7 pm. 

She added that it might be a nice idea if I was to invite my Mistress out for dinner afterwards.

I was madly excited and asked in raspy voice what the fee would be. Her usual she said - £200. She had expensive tastes and wanted something special for Christmas which she would get for herself. That didn't mean she didn't want a present from me though.

At 6.45 I got back from work - after a quick pint of beer in the pub on the way.

In the hallway I found a small pile of clothes and a note. 

"Take the soap and towel and shower outside with the garden hose. Get changed and then knock on the bedroom door. Stay silent or suffer the consequences." 

The business of hosing myself down was quite new. I stripped in the kitchen and walked out of the back door into the dark of the side of the house. I had not been nude in the garden since last summer when we both went out late at night and played around in the summer house. 

It was not too cold out there, unlike last week, but the water was absolutely freezing. I  held the hose over my head and tried to soap myself down. This was a novel form of punishment or control and I wondered where she had got the idea. At last when I thought I was clean in all the right places I went back inside and rubbed myself dry. The clock on the wall showed that I did not have much time left. The clothes my wife had left out were a  pair of shorts and a white T shirt along with some thong knickers and white socks. I was still a bit damp as I struggled into them. 

In a few minutes I was up the stairs and knocking lightly on the closed bedroom door, the excitement was buzzing in my head as I heard her command me to enter.

The room was softly lit with just a sidelight and some candles. There was a wooden chair from the kitchen placed against the wardrobe and the blanket chest was pulled away from the end of the bed. There was no duvet on the bed, just the white top sheet and on this there was a selection of canes, straps  and paddles all laid out in a neat row.  

My wife, my Mistress, looked sensational in a black one piece body with holdup stockings and high heels. Her hair was tied back and she looked like she meant business. In one hand she held a riding crop  which she swished gently against the side of one leg. She requested payment and when I offered her the envelope she counted out the notes and then placed them in a drawer by the bed. There was a hint of menace in her voice when she turned to say..

"So here you are. A little late I see. Well, we both know why you're here so from now on you will do exactly as I say!"

"Yes Mistress."

"Be silent, I don't need your contributions." She hit the back of  my bare leg hard with the crop.

For the next hour she led me uphill and down in a mixture of emotions and feelings of pain and pleasure. She incorporated every instrument into a different scene. At first she had me bend over for a traditional caning of six of the best and then gave me an extra six when I moved out of position. Following that she sat on the chair and took down my shorts down before pulling me over her knees. I had to get up after a hand spanking and fetch the paddle. She spanked me into total submission and it was difficult to hold back the words asking her to stop. She would not have been impressed if I could not take a spanking without crying off.

After a pause in the proceedings , whilst I was sent to fetch her a glass of wine, I was told to strip completely to just the thong pants and made to stretch out on the bed for long slow sexy session with the riding crop. The pleasure was intense as she ran the tip  of the crop all over my back and front, giving me playful slaps with the leather tab. I was groaning and moaning and thrusting my hips in every direction.  

Then I was turned onto my stomach and she picked up the leather strap. I was made to spread my legs wide and my arms and told to stay absolutely still. I turned my head to watch as she lifted the strap overarm and then lost sight of it as it whooshed  down, smack across both cheeks. I love the strap and she knows it. the broad band of pain is not that sharp and the warmth it spreads in my cheeks is great. I always feel at my most submissive when I am being strapped simply because I would be happy for it to continue for hours on end.

When she grew  tired of pleasuring me it was time for a serious punishment, so I was bent over the back of the chair and caned hard. I lost count after about 40 strokes and my bottom was ablaze with red hot lines. My wife sat down on the bed and left me standing facing her  whilst she sipped her wine and lectured me about behaving well with all the family over Christmas. I would have promised anything to her, bearing in mind  what she was giving me as present from her heart. 

She stood up and tied a blindfold around my head before guiding me to the blanket chest, telling me first to sit and then to lie down on my back. I heard a rustle in a drawer and  felt a cool hand pull the front of the thong pants down, as she applied gel and began to rub my erection into life. 

Moments later, still unseeing in the silk blindfold, I felt the leather thongs of the small  whip being dragged up and down my legs, waist and chest. They came teasingly close to my prick and my excitement made it wave around, searching out the pleasure of the teasing leather thong strips. Softly at first and then with more urgency she used her other hand to slap my testicles. The pain was sharp but not unbearable and I moaned. 

She slapped my bits harder and harder and then I felt her legs brush the side of my arms as she got into a position  standing astride the bench near my shoulders. The whip came back and in a steady flurry of strokes she flogged the head and stem and scrotum of my penis.

 I heard two poppers click as she undid the body at the crotch and then she lowered her pussy onto my face.Using the strength in her legs she supported her weight and gently rubbed herself over my eager tongue from the tip of her mound to the ring of her anus. I licked and sucked for all I was worth as she steadily whipped away at my prick. I lifted my hips to try and direct the ends of the whip up into my balls and around the soft skin inside my bottom cheeks. The pain there was exquisite. I wanted the whipping to last and last.

"Start wanking."

I needed no second instruction and in only a few minutes I had spurted cum across my waist. 

"Lick yourself clean."

As she stood up and got off the top of me I scooped up the sticky cum as best I could in the fingers of one hand and took it to my lips to lick them. As a final gesture, to speed me up, she smacked the inside of my thighs with the crop.

"All done. You can go now, once I have left the room. And make sure you tidy things away."

My Mistress left for the bathroom and I sat up, pulling away the blindfold. The room looked like something from a bordello. Spanking implements, whips, canes, clothes, items of  furniture littered the floor and the bed. All that was missing were two or three girls in petticoats lounging around with their male customers.

Sore but happy, I put everything back to normal and went to get dressed.

As we got into the car, to drive off for a meal, my wife leaned across and kissed me.

"Anything interesting happen today, darling." she asked.


  1. Looks like a good start to Christmas


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