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Saturday, 22 December 2012

You had better be good - or Miss Dana Kane will show the way

For all those married guys, or the single ones, who are headed off to parties this Christmas weekend, maybe you should get a reminder on how to behave.

Dana Kane has the ideal method of instruction on how your wife or partner should deal with you before the party starts.

Watch how Dana  gets things sorted out, before the pair leave for the party,  in the video at:

If you are really lucky your partner may entertain you after the party, once you are safely home and you have shown full respect to her.

Feliz Natal


  1. Thanks for the mention, dear - and, behave yourself at the Party!

    - Dana Kane

  2. Yeah. Behave yourself Michael. Not.

  3. Dana is an inspiration - but J. would be a match for her! She likes to ensure that I will behave at dinners or other parties by making sure I have a sore behind before we leave! Most times, the martinet is her instrument of choice...


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