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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What to buy her for Christmas ?

It's always difficult to know what to get my wife for Christmas, but it's also fun choosing.

Maybe some lingerie ?

The girls at Victoria's Secret appear to have had fun when they got snowed in.

When the games are over they decide to Deck the Hall with enthusiastic Christmas Cheer

This Figleaves girl shows off what she might like to find in their stocking. It would have been cute  if she had turned from her dressing table with a hairbrush in her hand.

I should like to buy my wife some Jeggings - she still has the bottom and the legs that would look good in a pair of these, but she would probably say I had wasted my money as they are too young for her now.

I know that she will not be getting me any Meggings - as they say these things don't lie. 

Maybe I will just play safe and get her a romantic weekend trip to Paris in the Spring, and pack a martinet, in hopeful anticipation. Always assuming she takes me along.



  1. Michael,

    I am astonished by the items sold by Victoria Secret, that is how much something so small costs.


  2. I know. And it never stays on for long.

  3. I bet she'd love a martinet and I'm sure you would as well:)

    Never bought anything from Victoria's Secret.


    1. Hi there Ronnie. Yes I would love those zingy thongs whipping across my bottom. Now that is is in my head I must check out if I can find a martinet on the net.

    2. We have two martinets in our house (both of them bought in France), and they do good service on my hubby's derrière!


    3. I can vouch for that! The first one was bought in Grenoble, and the second one in Burgundy... I still haven't figured out which one is the more "effective"...


    4. Hello J and L Anon- thanks for commenting. Nice to hear from you. I had heard that you could buy Martinets in France at a run of the mill hardware store so I will have to explore there.

    5. The one that comes from Grenoble came from a "droguerie' (which is not a "drugstore"!), and the one from Burgundy was found in the "general store" of a small town. Both, it seems, were crafted locally...

      J. & L.

      Interesting items can also be found in "brocantes" or on flea markets - such as the thick - and highly effective! - washerwoman's paddle ("battoir de lavandière") I found on a village market in upper Provence.


      That one delivers an awesome whacking!...


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    1. Hi Anon
      I recently took of the captcha verification because I figured it was making commenting too difficult and turning people off. My comments had dropped to zero. Removing it seems to have worked.

      Your site is wordpress so if you google "captcha wordpress" you should get your answer.

      As well as being a healthy person are you into spanking?


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