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Monday, 25 June 2012

Pro-Domme - best imagined.

I doubt that I am alone in enjoying the fantasy of visiting a professional disciplinarian. 

It would of course be a huge breach of trust with my wife to make the fantasy a reality, so I will not do it. I have often hovered over the e mail send button to make an appointment or looked hard at the telephone, thinking about making the call.

Good sense has always pulled me back from the edge.

It is best that I  enjoy the dream but I do wonder sometimes if I could take the severe cane or paddle strokes that I am awarded by my imaginary Mistress.

She is always harsh and unforgiving!


  1. How about getting your wife to send you with directions as to what is to be done to you or even to accompany you and watch it being done. Yeah, more fantasy, eh!

  2. Michael,

    You are very lucky to have a wonderful wife who gives you plenty of attention.

    I have never engaged a pro domme in a severe session. It is fun to imagine such a session.


  3. She is always harsh and unforgiving!

    To each their own, but I like a caring and forgiving woman.

  4. I like Spanked Hubby's fantasy of being taken to a professional disciplinarian and being severely caned in front of Mistress. But why the need when I'm caned severely enough by Mistress anyway?


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