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Friday, 22 June 2012

Firm control

There is something rather nice about a type of lingerie which has become popular, now that modern textiles can offer both stretch and firmness in one fabric, so as to keep tummies and waists in shape.

If my wife tells me she is in "firm control",  I don't know if she is describing her state of being or what she is wearing under her dress. 

Thanks to Ronnie for reminding me of the days when my wife would wear a corset for fun.


  1. Michael,

    If she is holding a cane, you know it is her state of being. But, both would be even better.


  2. Strangely enough C was commenting about the pull you in under garments just the other day. I'm not a big fan of them myself and prefer the corsets and basques. The end result is the same - a strict lady with a perfect figure.

  3. A very firm, paneled girdle is also a delightful costume for the spankee -- male or female. If the girdle is donned first thing in the morning, per instruction, it also give our spankee all day to contemplate the spanking planned for that evening. All day also to ponder how the hairbrush will bounce so delightfully, if painfully, off the taut powernet. A girdle that stays on well after the spanking also holds in the heat and the prolongs the discomfort -- such a perfect accessory!


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