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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jodhpurs in view

 It  is supposed to be summer here in the UK but there is precious little sign of the sun so far.

Even so the horse riders have been out in the country lanes and the jodhpurs are filling out nicely

That smile is the sun itself.
As the day draws to an end, on another gloomy day, some of us can look forward to the song and swish of the crop of a night owl.

Thanks to Ronnie for the reminder of the pleasure of jodhpurs.


  1. I have fond memories of women with jodhpurs riding their horses in Hyde Park. Great photos.


  2. I agree, even though the weather is bad there are a quite a lot of riders around where we live. Thanks for the mention now excuse me while I go and find my new pair of jodhpurs:)


  3. I do think I need to learn to ride a horse;). Instead of a short skirt, maybe jodhpurs would make a good picture, lol!


  4. Joey - yup. Posh ladies in tight trousers are a great sight on Rotten Row in Hyde Park.
    Ronnie - maybe we will get a viewing?
    Kitty- Yes - time to head off to a nearby riding tack shop and get some crisp tight jodhpurs to go with a riding crop.


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