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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Party time

The wedding on Saturday was a very nice occasion. The bride and groom and respective parents put the whole thing together in the traditional manner with a meal and speeches after the marriage service and they did not have that evening party affair, where people who were not invited to the service come along afterwards.

We ate and partied and danced a little and then watched the bride and groom depart for their honeymoon at around 9 p.m..  When they had gone we all sat around and chatted and some drank a bit more wine.

I was completely sober the whole day. My wife had a few drinks and flirted with a couple of the younger men who were placed on our table. I admired two or three of the girl guests in their short summer dresses but I avoided engaging with them. Best behaviour and all that stuff.

By 10.30 we were back in our room. We kissed and removed some of our smart clothes. My wife hunted around in one or two of the drawers and then went in to the bathroom to do her toilette.

When she reappeared I was stunned.

She had on just her stockings, the smallest of thong panties and a pair of high heels. In one hand was the little red whip and a hairbrush in the other.

“I think I need a spanking,” she said in a “please sir” sort of voice.

I picked up quickly on the role play.

 “You most certainly do young lady. Come here and get over my knee.”

The next few minutes were a delight. I quizzed her about her flirtatious manner and spanked her lightly with the back of the brush. I did not dare go too hard on her as she only responds to a light spanking. I scolded and spanked and she reacted naughtily with lots of wriggling and ouching and saying she was sorry.

When she was pink she slid off my lap and knelt between my legs. She looked up at me as she pulled off my pants and then took my prick into her mouth. My abstinence from drink, and the tablet I had taken whilst she was in the bathroom, had resulted in an impressive erection (for my age) soI savoured the experience, leaning back on the bed with my arms behind me.

After a few minutes of delight my wife stopped sucking and told me to lie back on the bed. She squatted over my face, facing my legs, and lowered herself onto my eager mouth. With one finger I pulled the small strip of material of her panties to one side and held it there against the inside of her leg. I started to lick, slowly, from front to back and in little circles.. In return she cracked the little red whip against my penis. We started a frenzy of licking and whipping. The harder she struck the leather laces in between my thighs, under my balls and across my prick, the more I kissed and played my tongue deep inside her pussy.

We rolled over onto our sides and she shucked off the panties. I buried my head deeper as  she lifted one leg over my head and I began the orgasm treatment in earnest. Her head was down past my knees. She gave me one or two half hearted pats on my bottom and then gave up so that she could surrender herself properly to the orgasms, which came in two or three waves.

Afterwards, we lay side by side holding each other in a spoon fashion. I still had my erection which nestled happily between her cheeks.

“Let’s save that for tomorrow,” she suggested. “We have lots of time to ourselves.”


  1. Michael,

    Your wife gave you an excellent reward for your stellar behavior at the wedding. Thank you for a very erotic account of your role reversal with her.


  2. Wow!!! Sounds quite lovely. I'm so happy for you and her both:).


  3. I wasn't expecting the role play, delightful end of evening Michael.



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